Monday, 3 August 2015

The Most Hated Man In America

 He must put camo over his teeth when he hunts.

Walter Palmer, the evil dentist from Minnesota is the most hated man in the US .... probably because both Obama and Donald Trump are out of the cuntry.  Obama is telling off 3rd world nations in Africa and Trump is in Scotland watching chicks play golf.

Palmer loves wild life, that's why he loves to kill it .... to honor nature he went to Zimbabwe and paid a couple of shady as fuck dudes $50,000 to kill a lion.

Cecil was cute and cuddly and only ate meat from animals that had died natural deaths, he had dabbled with vegetarianism but it was difficult being a lion and all. He was part of a conservation study and was collared, living a life of safety.
The two guides lured Cecil out of his national park home where hunting is illegal so that Palmer could shot him on normal land with a bow and arrow ... many reports say a crossbow but since Palmer had used a bow on numerous occasions he probably used a bow.  Who the fuck uses a crossbow to kill a lion?

Wounded, Cecil ran off and they tracked him for 40 hours then they shot him, skinned and decapitated him and bummed each other with the raging boners they had.

It's best not to ask why he is naked with this dead leopard.  

Palmer probably didn't expect a huge backlash since he kills all the time. In a statement he said, "Wh wh wh what's the b big deal? So what if it had a name, don't get attached people ... you don't name your gu gu guppies for f f fucks sake." 

13 year-old Cecil had black streaks in his mane which flowed in slo-mo when there was a breeze, he was a bit of a tourist draw at Hwange national park. A White House petition to get Palmer extradited to Zimbabwe has gotten nearly enough signatures for a response.

This was Palmer's second lion kill as killing lions gets him really hard. I'm sure for half the price of a lion the Zimbabwean government would let you hunt some of its people.  

Crazy woman Mia Farrow posted his address on Twitter which I don't think was very cool but fuck him eh.
I haven't been crying over Cecil, oh whatever, so many people and fluffy animals get killed and die all the time. In Nepal the Newari people of a village in Kathmandu rip a young goat apart with their bare hands and teeth to celebrate the 900 year-old Deopokhari festival .....yes there was a petition to stop it 3 years ago, so much for petitions. If you let every death get to you you'd never get through a hot dog or a salad without a stream of tears. 

The stupidity of the killing gets to me more than anything.

The Hindi temple in Bariyarpur in Nepal which sacrifices thousands of animals every 5 years to the goddess Gadhimai have said they were stopping the killings. They can't stop people coming along with their cows and killing them though but it's a start, maybe I'll stop cursing Nepal for a while though those guys ripping the goats apart will die in similar pain they inflicted upon the wee goats. 

He has even killed a polar bear and hopes to kill a panda sometime in the future.

Palmer was fined $3,000 when he illegally killed black bear in Wisconsin in 2006. In fact 2006 was quite a busy year for him, according to a former employee he was sexually harassing her. His insurance company settled for $127,000 in 2009.

This guy is a cunt, that is for sure. I hope his grown up children weren't raised with him as a role model, his wife Tonette also hunts so I suspect killing animals for fun is a way of death life for them.

As Old Knudsen has stated before, Old Knudsen is ok with hunting though he no longer does it himself, except for humans and he eats what he kills.

Only hunting that is for conservation reasons or for food is acceptable. 

  Killing animals legally is such a boar.

If you go and kill animals to stuff or for a selfie then yer just an asshole. Why travel millions of miles to kill an animal that wasn't doing you any harm and that you didn't need to eat to survive? Was that lion with its yawning and licking its bits in Africa bothering you Mr Palmer? 
Was causing un-necessary pain to yer patients (all dentists do it) not enough for you?

I try to understand him a little. Dentists are all resentful because they aren't doctors and no one likes going to them. That resentment and frustration along with that hot receptionist probably made him do some unneeded root canals and why did mother never love me, FUCKING BITCH!!!!! even after I killed father she never loved me, she could see what I was she could see my inner beast and yes I think about killing animals when I have sex..... oops too much there. 

Being a profiler I sometimes get too into it ..... but you knew that as you sit there hoping that there might be tits in this post and yes, you are to blame for most of yer troubles in life which you secretly know.

 Not just any tits but vintage tits.

Killing Cecil has probably ruined Palmer's life, of course there are those who are dependent on Palmer like family and employees so this karma isn't fair on them but for all the lives Palmer has ruined, sure they might just be animals but they were probably better at being animals than Palmer is at being human.

Not really a big story in Zimbabwe, at 80% unemployment all the media and Internet hype seems like one of those First World Problems to them. Tryphina Kaseke a street seller said, "Are you saying that all this noise is about a dead lion? Lions are killed all the time in this country, what is so special about this one?"  

Another local Joseph Mabuwa said, "Why are the Americans more concerned than us? we never hear them speak out when villagers are killed by lions and elephants in Hwange."

Lion lives do matter it seems .... cos they are cute. 



~Babz~ said...

Da, This is your long lost daughter, Babz. Da, you know better than to let your temper flare. Do you not remember back when we did that hit and MI5 or was it MI6 at the time, docked your pay because of your so called, "OVERKILL?" The clips were empty, there was no denying it. Remember? And the "Handler" told you to get yer shite together. Remember, you are an Asset. Do not allow these clowns to rouse your temper because we both know what happens when it comes to that; Empty Clips! Hope I haven't blown your cover. But I had to let you know you are loved and remind you to live up to your Legacy!

Old Knudsen said...

I was just thinking about you the other day, I'm surprised yer still alive, hitmen are bloody useless these days. My cover was blown years ago when I tried buying uranium on me Costco card. Good to hear from you, I am always here .... like herpes.