Thursday, 6 August 2015

Prince Charles, Serial Hypocrite

Prince Charles collecting magic mushrooms on a fairy hunt.  

Prince Charles was branded a serial hypocrite last week. The environmentally minded Prince who is all about saving the Patagonian flat footed wanker or some weird creature that only the most serious of trendy activists would have heard of doesn't think it matters if yer on home soil. 

  A pack of dogs ripping apart an exhausted fox is getting back to nature.

The prince had a polo match 68 miles away but his time is precious ... even though his day was clear of engagements. He scrambles an RAF helicopter to fly 60 miles to his country palace and then 68 miles to the polo match. 

Fucking bald eagles, just roast the beggar ... making the Windsor face. 

After the match he flew back home and the helicopter had to fly back to base. Instead of 4 gallons of petrol he used up 200 gallons of aviation fuel. Why should Charles have to drive for an hour and 45 minutes like all the other plebs when he can fly? Prince Charles is special, he's better than us because he happened to be the son of Elizabeth and Philip, sort of an inbred master race. He deserves to be given titles and land and in return he waves and tries not to say what he really thinks. 

Us commoners deserves his scorn and we're grateful for it. Old Knudsen comes from Scottish royalty and someday hopes to take the throne of England but it won't change him, he'll be the down to earth sexual deviant and psychopath you have all cum to love .... and hopefully fear. 

It doesn't matter that the royal helicopter is paid for by the £40 million Sovereign Grant his mummy gets from the government which are the profits from all the lands and estates the government have given to the royals. It matters that this cunt lectures us about our carbon footprint then uses a chopper when he doesn't have to. 

Ach the Queen can afford it since the government has given her a pay rise on top of her grant to cope with ... um things and she receives £1m a year in farming subsidies from EU. 

Like father like son. Prince William takes the wife out pheasant shooting and then he likes a spot of wild boar hunting in Spain. The royals just aren't like us no matter what cutesy pictures they put up. 

Prince George and prince William ... or the other way round I don't know. Fucking creepy clone kids. Even Charles looked like this as a toddler they must use the same body suit at this age. Who dresses their kid as a creepy ghost child anyways? 

We'll never be royals ... it don't run in our blood. We are nothing like them, who has rode on the backs of elephants to hunt tigers in India? .... the Queen and Philip racked up a few kills in the 60's. 

Prince Harry left the military, was given a knighthood for it and is now off to Africa on an adventure holiday to observe conservation. Yep you know what that really means, lets hope that Cecil doesn't have any more brothers. 

 A very chuffed looking Edward VIII. 
The royals have a long tradition of environmentalism but their version of it is different than most people's idea of it. Thanks to the royals, Donald Trump's sons, evil dentists, anyone with a few thousand bucks and the bloody Chinese the environment has declined so I'm not really in favour of people killing what's left ..... hunt hobos like the rest of us, 7 billion people on Earth and 6.5 of them are cunts, get stuck in.   

During the 'Save the endangered Great Grey Oyster' event last week Charles decided to save them in his belly, much to the delight of Camilla who said, "Oysters make him a randy old sod heh heh." After swigging from their royal hip flasks for most of the day they were soon ready for ...


Their Masonic eyes wide shut orgy.  Even with a mask on (a real improvement) you could tell it was Camilla cos even Ron Jeremy would be like a bee in a jar with that woman. She's a horse breeder you know .... yes that too means something else in royal circles.

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