Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Obama Let The Conservatives Down


You know those preachers that claim to know when the world will end? They gather their flock and board up their windows to await God's wraith of judgement and zombies ... then nothing happens. It's kinda like that.  

It's coming up to the end of Obama's 8 years as President. He promised hope and change but failed to mention it was Bob or no hope and the change was what you have left after paying yer bills.

Not only did he let his voters down but most of all he let the Conservatives down. Eight years of not being able to prove that Obama is a Muslim from Kenya who wants to destroy Christianity. You'd think he would have done it by now. What no evil army of Muslims in FEMA camps? FEMA backwards is AMEF which as we all know in Arabic loosely translates to 'Death to all the dirty infidel pigs.'

I really don't care .... lets play golf. 

Obama also never took away yer guns either, yep the right wingers sure got their panties in a wad just thinking about it but Obama was all, 'you guys are idiots, there is no reasoning with you.'  He also didn't take over Texas with Operation Jade Helm. He didn't destroy America, he made America a little more respectable after the cuntry was morally compromised by Bush and his torture methods but he has killed 2,400 in drone strikes which is 6 times more than Bush but who cares, it's brown foreign people, innocent or not they probably deserved it for not being American. 

Obama even got caught spying on allies and spying on his own people (Americans) but no one even cares about that. Guns, Christianity and denying rights to gheys, weemen, atheists and immigrants are the key issues.  

How long will it take Kim Kardashian to get rid of her beer gut and when do we get Kanye dick pics? ... These are the issues that vex the American people.

Did Obama sell the US to Iran with this Iran deal? Will we have Ayatollah's beheading Americans and raping babies in every town across the US? No one knows because they know that they don't like the Iran deal and are against it but they don't really know what it's about. "We got rid of Saddam so we own Iran, why he making deals with them?"

Uh, yeah. No one likes to remember how Ronald Reagan (The Republican saint) actually sold weapons to Iran. That didn't count cos they were Christian weapons. 

 Stoopid baby.

It also turns out that Obama is not the antichrist either. The Anti-Christ would be forming vast armies and have all the people sorted out, valued and branded with the mark of the beast. Obama is winding down his time at the White House with his legacy not being Obama care but with being drone sales to dodgy as fuck nations  his allies so they too can be "a friend of each nation, and every man, woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity" .... as they blow them the fuck up at a moments notice.

I feel kinda sorry for the supporters of Bush and Trump as they open carry their assault rifle to the store to pick up some milk, their lives will be lesser that they don't have Obama to get worked up about. Maybe it's a race thing. Just wait till they have a female or ghey president. 

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