Saturday, 15 August 2015

Nanny Fingers Brady's Ring

So the story is that Ben and Jennifer were in the Bahamas with the kids and the nanny and Ben said, 'hey hot nanny lets fly back on the private plane to LA, it's ok I'm yer boss, Jen will love looking after the kids' but sneaky Ben then remembered this poker tournament for charity in Vegas so they picked up Superbowl star Tom Brady ..... like you do and went to Vegas.

 The hot nanny with Brady's Superbowel rings.

The fact is that Ben can do whatever the fuck he wants because he's Batman! Blah blah blah, wife, children, responsibility .... BATMAN!

The question everyone needs answered is why the fuck does Tom Brady walk around with all his Superbowl rings? .... what a tool, Ben needs a better side kick.


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