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Good News For Burglars

Sorry control but we're busy right now.

In 2013 the police in war torn Chicago told the public they would not be responding to house burglaries or vehicle theft. Any crime in which the criminal was no longer at and if the victim wasn't in any danger.

Dispatch might pass on the message but don't hold yer breath.

People were outraged that they were paying taxes for this. That is why Detroit choose to start the Robocop program from OmniCorp. At least when the darkies got shot you knew that it wasn't racist.... unless they were set to kill darkie.  Is darkie still an ok term to use? I don't want people thinking I'm Hulk Hogan.

 Standing like this is called 'doing the po po.'

Police in the UK are breaking it to us gently that they may do the same as Chicago. It's not that they don't care it's that their funding has to adjust to the changing face of crime... yeah they don't care. There are less burglaries and car crime these days says Sara Thornton, head of the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC) -

"The sorts of crimes that are on the increase sexual offences, concerns about terrorism, cybercrime that’s where we really need to focus. We need to move from reacting to those traditional crimes to thinking about focusing on threat and harm and risk and really protecting the public."

When a house gets burgled it usually took two months for the home owners to come to terms with what had happened and one in eight were unable to totally block the incident from their minds.What happens when they feel all alone?

 Mark Castle the chief executive of Victim Support said  "Victims tell us that they suffer far more than material loss when their home is burgled the psychological impact of this crime can be drastic, long lasting and different for everyone." 

When an elderly person gets burgled and they feel unsafe and violated, how worse will they feel when the police don't even bother to show up. "Sorry Mr Clarke our officers are busy waiting for a rape or some Internet trolling to happen."    Just say you think that ISIS just robbed you and they'll be round.

I'm always hearing about distraction robberies in which bogus workmen keep you occupied while their friend goes in the back door and steals yer purse. I also hear a lot of car jacking attempts so don't throw rigged statistics at me.  If you allow one crime then more will happen. Serial killers werk their way up to people you know. Burglars will soon turn into rapists because now you won't be safe in yer own home.

Sara Thornton continued:

"What we are saying is if we are really serious about putting a lot of effort and resource into protecting children, for example, that might mean that if you’ve had a burglary and the burglar has fled, that we won’t get there as quickly as we’ve got there in the past."

"Of course we will still want to gather evidence, but we might do it in different ways."

Playing phone tag and just not bothering would be those different ways. 

Burglaries hit an all time high in 2011, are these figures they are justifying this with from that hike? Yes burglaries were up 14% in 2011, now they are down 5% so we'd better stop investigating them. Look everyone burglaries are down. 

  Do the po po!

Old Knudsen has been fairly critical of the Northern Ireland police .... mostly because they are shite. I'm sure budget cuts and policies from higher up makes them shite and that the officer on the street would be better if led better. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have been turned into Flegger chew toys and during a riot the police video tape the rioters to hopefully arrest a month later when they least expect it ..... assuming they can recognize them.

Snatching trouble makers in the midst of committing a crime was too embarrassing as the PSNI don't really like confrontation ... plenty of FIDO going on, that's Fuck It Drive On.  

British soldiers on the streets of London.

I've already experience police apathy and boy are they getting picky about what constitutes a crime. I do miss the SoCal cops that would turn up at yer door within 15 minutes of being called .... sure they were mostly called about me but I liked having someone to talk to. "Hey what gun have you there, can I hold it?"  The PSNI won't let me hold their guns either, I suspect they have rubber guns since they never use them.

Last month there was news of cuts to the army which freaked out the Americans, "who is gonna help us fight Russia in 2020?"  Now there is news that 5,000 troops will be deployed to the streets if  M-5 and M-6 get wind of a terrorist attack. That sounds very suspect, why don't they just stop the attack? Will there be 5,000 troops on the street for a month while they wait for an attack? 

With Cameron bombing Syria and liberating oil rich Libya again because British tourists were killed on a beach in TUNISIA all I believe is 1) the police intend to do fuck all and 2) there will be army cuts.

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