Monday, 10 August 2015

End Internment Now!

Yesterday, 9th August was to be a quiet peaceful Sunday where foreign tourists wander Belfast city center aimlessly wondering why all the shops are closed and the locals drift into Belfast around 1pm when they open. 
The late opening of shops is to allow everyone time to get over their hangovers though some sad fuckers may take that time to go to church after they have milked the cows even though experts have proved that God died years ago but they still hold out hope.   

The God-less Nationalists who may live in a part of the United Kingdom but consider themselves Irish had other ideas. They had a march planned to celebrate the start of Internment. Yay for Internment!  Ah the good ol days when it was illegal to be ghey and blackface was funny.

For those not familiar with buttfuck Northern Ireland, Internment started in August 1971 when the Troubles were well under way. Because the British security forces had aligned themselves with the Protestant side, most of those interned were Catholic .... or the Nationalist side if you will. Internment was imprisonment without trial, many of those lifted weren't terrorists and many were tortured for information or just for fun. Of the 1,981 interned, 1,874 were Catholic and only 107 were Protestant.

Like the Bloody Sunday shooting, Internment boosted IRA recruitment, much like how the invasion of Iraq boosted Al-Qaeda recruitment.

  Republican fleggers are just as dumb as Loyalist fleggers, same mindset different colours. 

The march yesterday was told by the Parades Commission (a ruling body that all fleggers hate) to be out of the city center by 1.30pm. The parade organisers had declared they wouldn't and only started out on the march well after 2pm .... so they were intending on causing trouble and to fuck over the city center traders. 

The police had other ideas and had to prevent the Nationalists from getting into the city centre while at the same time keeping an eye on Loyalist protesters who I guess support Internment or were just there to cause trouble. 2 years ago the Loyalists tore up the city centre injuring over 50 police officers.

When I next travel in time I'm telling my younger self to invest in jog pants and track suits. 

The march ended and the rabid Republican fanatics who just previously gave their anti-British speeches asked for everyone to end the march in a dignified manner .... in sweat pants and sports shirts. 

That is really code for get yer bricks and petrol bombs ready. The Orange Order do that too. They say, "our parade was peaceful, not our fault that we whipped up the trouble makers into a frenzy and they rioted after the march is over, their actions after our parade are not our responsibility." 

Jimmy Savile and the spides of DerryLondonDerryDerryDerry all prefer track suits, it isn't a sign that you have no self respect it's handy for running and for pulling doon for a spot of rape. Elasticated waists mean you don't have to worry about dieting either. 

Bricks and petrol bombs were thrown at police (who doesn't always have petrol bombs handy?) 9 officers or targets as we call them were injured. The water cannons were used but since Sunday is bath night it all worked out well. 

Old Knudsen has mis-judged the intellect of the Republican side. To win their way to a united Ireland that doesn't include shooting and blowing up people all they had to do was let Loyalists be Loyalists. Loyalists are their own worse enemy and stupid as fuck. If Republicans get on like Loyalist fleggers they'll get fuck all except arrested. I thought that while Republicans are slimy as shit they at least valued education more and knew how to work the system but they too have their out of control mob.

  Republican honey's at a recent funeral ... I don't fancy yers much .... or mine.  

The recent funeral of the mother of a hunger striker was a dumb as fuck move. She squeezed out a bloke that starved himself to death and idiots dressed up as dorks and badly marched down the road to show her respect, moobs and bellies everywhere. The whole military look only werks if you exercise and werk out.
Anyone who bombs and shoots their own people to achieve a united Ireland (and failed) are terrorists, no not freedom fighters, they are twatty looking, terrorist, criminal scum who lost the plot years ago. Loyalist paramilitaries are wanna be terrorists but are really just drug dealing hoods.

Old Knudsen choose the army and for yer information he rarely showed bias and barely tortured anyone, he walked the walk unlike all the terrorist cunts. He doesn't think that all Catholics are in the IRA or that all Muslims are in ISIS so don't go thinking that all soldiers during the Troubles were cunts. Old Knudsen would gladly shoot to kill a Fenian, Hun or other cocksucker, he doesn't discriminate.    

Internment stopped decades ago stoopid, there was no need for a march or a riot yesterday, just have a fucking hashtag you morons. What's next an anti-apartheid march? Yeah free Nelson Mandela ya wankers. Maybe a march to mark the start of Danelaw in the 11th century. An anti-slavery march, end slavery now! Move on dot com.

Sinn Fein are in government now for fucks sake, yer closer to a *united Ireland* than you ever were so dry yer fucking eyes and wise the fuck up.      

*Terms and conditions may apply since Ireland wants us as much as Britain does which is not at all.* 

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