Thursday, 27 August 2015

Crashed And Burned

This is a public information post. If you go see an airshow or a motorcycle or car race, you may very well die or see some death and destruction.

The Shoreham Airshow last weekend where a Hawker Hunter jet crashed into a load of cars killed at least 11 people at the time of this writing. On Sunday in northern Switzerland two planes collided killing one of the pilots.

On the first August an RAF-trained jet pilot, was killed at a car show event. In July 2014 a A Hawker Sea Fury crashed with no fatalities.  The list goes on with many deaths during what should have been a fun day out.

Dane Westby, nicknamed Wolverine died during a street crash of all things when his bike hit a kirb and he went into a wall and utility post .... speed kills. A French rider Franck Petricola was killed in June on the Isle of Man TT and the MotoAmerica race on the famous Northern California circuit saw two riders die in July. Andy Lawson a 24 year-old from Scotland died. A road racing medic, Dr John Hinds died in a crash during a practice session in Northern Ireland also in July. His loss was a bit more than just a racer as he was a useful racer with medical training who saved lives.

Dane Westby the 28 year-old without a mutant healing factor .... but he had side burns.

With loads of races around Ireland and the UK on windy roads not meant for racing on there are at least one death every year with plenty of crashes, 24 year-old Jamie Hamilton in a critical but stable condition after crashing on the Isle of Man. 

Guy Martin crashed in early August breaking ribs, sternum and vertebrae. After a back operation he was out intending on racing again. Maybe the medal pins will help him to go faster.

With pilots you hear what good pilots they were after they die in a ball of fire taking out some of the crowd, in racing you see the words 'hero' getting used a lot along with courage. To me a hero is someone who puts themselves in danger to save others.

 People like firefighters and these guys are heroes.

For these racers I'd use the words addiction and selfish. They aren't racing at 130 mph for anyone but themselves. You see families like the Dunlop family that are second generation racers with sons taking over after their father and uncle die. It all sounds very much like the cycle of abuse, self destructive tenancies taught by their parents just as readily as if they had been abused then went on to become abusers.

I'm sorry that their families have to go through this acceptable form of addiction to hear about what heroes their spouse or father was for winning some races and leaving them at an early age doing what HE loved to do.

I am sick of hearing how great these people all were. Far better people die all the time for no reason. Khaled al-Asaad, aged 82 had spent his life excavating the ancient city of Palmyra, in Syria only to be tortured and be-headed by ISIS looking for treasure. There will be no parades for him now his life's work that he shared with the world is being blown up by cunts. It would not be a bad thing if his children had become scholars of antiquity so no cycle of abuse there.     

Like how Whitney Houston preferred drugs to her child and died of an OD only to have her daughter do the same. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all .... and goat fucking of course.      

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