Saturday, 4 July 2015

Up The Bum No More Babies

 Bristol at her mom's house for ye olde home spun advice.

The Palin family are one of those families who are religious because it's convenient for them. Sure it makes them feel smug and superior to those not as religious and the stereotype of Bible, fleg and gun is simple and appeals to many lower class voters. Why are the poorest states Republican states when Republicans cut government aid programs when they can? I guess Republican voters just have shit for brains to put it politely. Bible, fleg, guns, queers and immigrants ... doesn't require much cognitive complexity.
 They like what they can hold and touch and hate others who are not them or topics that require abstract thought.

 American woman, stay away from me.

It's silly when people go on about disrespecting the flag but will turn a blind eye to children starving, if you love yer flag so much then why don't you marry it? .... someday maybe. Oh and if you've put the US flag as a filter over yer profile picture because millions of people have been turning their's rainbow in celebration of same sex vote in the US then yer just being a dick.

Old Knudsen is not into slut shaming, though he'll always make exceptions. Especially if they are assholes. Bristol Palin announced online that she was pregnant again. The former advocate for abstinence education is to give birth to her second child out of wedlock.

The first guy she was pregnant to Levi Johnston, stood by her long enough for Sarah Palin to lose the election as Vice President to John McCain and then he was off. She split from the second guy, Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer who she was to marry in May.

The former Marine sorta forgot that he had already married some bint.

Thats the thing with Marines, you gotta keep asking them shit, 'are you sure you aren't already married?' ..... 'did you wipe?' ..... 'are the police after you for any crimes?' They may be brave and very eager to rape, kill or kill and rape the enemy but they aren't that bright. Pat Robertson from the 700 club is a former Marine.     

Bristol wants no lectures and no sympathy, she referred to her pregnancy as "a huge disappointment" but soon turned that frown upside down and did what good Christian folk and hypocrites everywhere do best, brass it out. 

"So here are the things you should all get straight before you continue to mock me, judge me, and talk about me none of us are perfect. I made a mistake, but it's not the mistake all these giddy a--holes have loved to assume. This pregnancy was actually planned."

The wedding was actually planned too. Yes, you are only human and seem to only mention that when you fuck up. For the rest of the year yer God's chosen who can do no wrong ...... Just like Josh Duggar who gets automatically forgiven by God when he molests a child. 

The father hasn't been named but I think we know who it is ... thanks Obama! Bristol is an attractive young woman though I doubt she is very deep or interesting, her family are fucking nutters who behave like a really slack god bothering mafia family, no wonder blokes don't want to stick around.

Though if she keeps picking High School drop outs and exMarines she'll soon be on her way to the glorious title of 4X4 .... 4 children by 4 different blokes. I can't help but to judge cos my asshole feels just so giddy.

A proud American soldier with his fleg. 

Old Knudsen's advice to Bristol is to go army next time. The Navy aren't that into chicks, the Marines think that IQ is a Japanese poem and the Air force have higher standards. The army are smart enough to get themselves into trouble and have a low enough self esteem to consider Bristol an upgrade. 

Lets hope she picks a better name than Tripp for this one, Britney, Tad, Skip or Jon .... Jon Snow.   

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