Thursday, 2 July 2015

Tunisia Hosts The Darwin Awards

Tunisia, a place of old stuff and sand, movies like Life of Brian, Raiders of the lost ark, Star Wars, The English patient and pirates (the Pedo Polanski flop not the Johnny Depp ones) were made there, come and visit they said, it'll be lovely they said.

Just because It's the north of Africa and beside Libya doesn't mean it's dangerous. People go to the Dominican Republic and Mexico for holiday all the time. Many resorts do of course have their own armed security and tourists don't set foot outside of them. Since 9/11 Americans have been wary of going to Tunisia and rightly so which shows they aren't as stoopid as some.

In March 2015 there was yon museum hostage crisis in the cuntry's capital city that left 19 dead including 17 foreign tourists, aye I'm sure Tunisia is well safe.  

I saw a tourism commercial on the telly that showed old rocks and sand and suggested that I'd like to go to Tunisia.

 Cum to Callyfornia and fuck my maid .... I have.

Old Knudsen only likes tourism ads with famous people on them. I watched the Tunisia ad and didn't see anything of interest and didn't know what the fuck I was looking at since it just had some obscure pictures and no commentary .... total fail.    

I was left with the hold on a minute feeling, who the fuck in their right mind would want to go to Tunisia? 
What was their government thinking? No one remembers March and hey what are the chances of being killed by ISIS? We really need our yearly 6 - 7 million tourists.

Well 38 people were shot dead on a Tunisia beach, mostly tourists British, German, and French and of course there is always the one token Irish person. ISIS/Daesh say they did it because you should be covered head to toe in clothing while sun bathing and tourism is against the Koran. 

Libya's tourism board are promoting lovely walks on their beaches.

Yeah I'm sorry for the families of those who were killed but seriously, Tunisia? The middle and north of Africa is crawling with Boko Harem and Daesh so you think it's a good idea to go cos it's cheap?

Aye we'll visit Tunisia since I've always wanted to see Tataouine and the Tunisia government assures us it is safe from ISIS then we 'll go to Egypt to see the pyramids of Giza and then to Raqqa in Syria for a cup of tea, what could possibly go wrong? 

I've never understood holidays, you pay money to go somewhere foreign to get drunk every night, get food poisoning from the dodgy food and get skin damage during the day while sleeping in an unfamiliar bed at night surrounded by people who think that flies on yer food is a part of the food pyramid. The only thing Tunisia has going for it is sex trafficking.      

You shouldn't let the terrorists dictate yer life but really, do you have to make it easy for them? Nothing says relaxing holiday like the chance of death. 


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