Saturday, 11 July 2015

Tourists Warned That Syria May Be Unsafe

Britain has warned its tourists to cancel any holidays plans they have for traveling to Syria, Iraq or Yemen.
Many holiday makers have cut short their holidays in Tunisia in light of the recent attack there .... though the attack 3 months earlier didn't count as only one Briton was amongst the dead.

Syria's foreign minister said his government would focus on trying to convince London to reverse its position and have said that they done everything to protect all British interests.

Aye that would be sarcasm but seriously, how stupid do you have to be to not know that Tunisia is a dangerous place? The attack in March that killed 22 people, mostly tourists was low key since there was only one Brit and one Brit means nothing right? ..... except to her family maybe.

Even after the attack I saw tourism commercials for Tunisia. It shows you that these butt fuck cuntries that even the Americans know not to vacation in will play roulette with yer safety in return of tourist money. 

Aye Britain maybe a shit hole but stop being so unpatriotic by spending yer money abroad.

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