Thursday, 2 July 2015

The ISIS On The Cake

Chuck Netzhammer is a US flegger who wanted Wal-Mart to bake him a cake that had the Confederate battle fleg and the werds "Heritage not hate" on it, obviously to show that he isn't racist, he just doesn't care about yer feelings.

Wal-Mart has withdrawn all items with the Confederate fleg on it even though that are still keeping their highly controversial Swastika range of children's clothes. Netzhammer wanted to test this and he was denied his cake, he then sent in a request for an ISIS fleg cake .... though he never said what it was or who it was connected with.
Just like how he leaves out the whole slavery thing and how the Confederate fleg is a present day fav for white supremacists like the Klan.   

I get it, heritage and culture, I've heard all of the excuses for belittling the feelings of others, next you'll say how persecuted you are and yer freedoms are getting taken away and yer identity is getting chipped away at too ..... well good, cos yer a dick.

Imagine that, white people who aren't offended by slavery, must be Republican and can trace yer line back to the civil war.
Many Southerners were conscripted and were probably too poor to own slaves and look how badly they fought so maybe God just wasn't on their side, ah well, the right side won in the end so yay!
The British were willing to accept abolition rather than risk a widespread war in 1833 ..... just saying like.

The person who made the cake in Wal - Mart probably thought it said, 'Happy Birthday' in Muslimese.

    Party central ... keep it doon a bit boys eh? 

ISIS may have been started in 2003 under a different name or two when the US in all their wisdom disbanded the 100,000 strong Iraqi military with 80,000 becoming extremists. They now get to celebrate one year of almost non-stop victories and so need a cake. 

Netzhammer from butt fuck Louisiana, they want their cake and will replace all of your racist flegs with their black banner of Islam. Their fleg has history and goes back to the 8th century, the writing at the top says, 'There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God.'

The middle circle has the werds, 'Muhammad is the Messenger of God' in case you missed it the first time and to make it sound more true or something. 

So their fleg like the Nazi Swastika is a peaceful and religious symbol while the Southern cross was for states who fought to keep slavery alive ..... shame on you and yer cherry picked morals.

These old flegs and symbols need to be kept in museums and not used in the present because times have moved on and what was acceptable to the mostly white population then doesn't fly now.  

This story reminds me of the pastor Josh Feuerstein who went to the trouble of finding a ghey bakery and requesting a cake with 'We do not support gay marriage' on it. 

What is it with people with Germanic surnames, they were the only ones that gave me shit when I was in Callyfornia, a load of bitter fuckers.

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