Friday, 24 July 2015

The Future Is Trump

I want to be a part of it Trump Trump, Trump Trump. 

So I've decided to back Donald Trump for president. Every time I back someone my influence gets them in. Old Knudsen isn't just the greatest blogger in the werld, he's the most powerful. He's the Ayatollah of blogarolla, the scourge of the mainstream the hater of haters and he has his own teeth ... aye bought and paid for.  

When the werld wanted free porn I invented the Interwebs. You've seen movies like The Thomas Edison story, think of a montage of Old Knudsen filling up tubes full of Internet failing and then eventually succeeding and yes, when you do jump up to punch the air you do indeed go into freeze frame, I was stuck like that for an hour.

    The rest is history .... or rather mystory.

Being a devotee to the Gawd Loki I favour discord and thatcord, I want chaos and crazy ass things to talk about. I believe that Trump can deliver on that.

Trump has enough money to build a wall to keep all the drug dealers and rapists out. He won't be sentimental about the environment and will bulldoze that shit to create a golf course or 10. He's a smart man, why waste American lives fighting over sand? He'll hire other cuntries to fight for the US. "Hey Greece, want to eat this week? ... well go fight Daesh ya hairy bottom pinching losers."

The only problem with Trump being president (maybe of the world) is that he'd name everything after himself ... except the United Kingdom of Knudsen which will be my prize for backing him. We have a special relationship just like the US and the UK ... though he does get annoyed if you get jizz in his hair.
His name may sound like a fart trapped between fat ass cheeks but I can assure you his ideas are as gaseous as his name.

Trump plans to make G-20 and G-8 meetings pay per view and similar to the Apprentice of  the Dragon's den. "Germany, you've lost 2 world wars out of incompetence, sure you appear to be wealthy and in control but we can't trust you .... yer fired." And of course he'd launch a nuke.

Fuck Germany, they made the British Royal family Nazi and when yer most famous person of all time is an Austrian dictator who isn't even German then you have problems. 

Trump can re-boot American or rather the United states of Trump. On his financial disclosure list he has 515 interests with his name or initials in the title, everything will be Trump. The future is Trump, vote Trump because he's ape shit crazy.  


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