Monday, 20 July 2015

The Conspiracy Archives

So yeah there is so much butt hurt online these days. Every paranoid teenager with a Facebook page freaking out because you have a differing opinion than them.

One such page called 'The Conspiracy Archives' which has 120 thousand likes but of course never that many commenting or liking each post.... Must be fake accounts and government lurkers.

Old Knudsen made some innocuous comments, the kind that other crazy pages like Willie Fraser would ban you for, ones that question the reality of the situation. I thought everything was cool, they must get people that don't believe half their crazy shit all the time right?

Then I got a comment from the administrator saying how I needed to do some research because everything I've ever said on the page has been wrong and that they were sick of it.

Wow, imagine that, I've been wrong my whole life and this person who is right just um put me right.

Then I agreed with someone else who totally tore them a new one and called them on their bullshit and the next day I wasn't able to make comments anymore FUCKING NAZI GERMANY!!!!!

I wasn't trolling yet my freedom of speech was taken away, I feel so violated. Luckily I enjoy being violated.

 Violate this!

So I went on another account and commented and that was me done. Their page isn't interesting enough to stay on if I can't comment and call bullshit. My life doesn't revolve around them and yes I was surprised that my comments got singled out and even remembered ..... I feel so special cos I never gave them a second thought until now. 

So to update my knowledge, 9/11 was an inside job because jet fuel cannot melt steel beams. I was sure that it can turn the beams and rivets to putty which would then weaken the structure and gravity would do the rest but that doesn't fit so I must be wrong.

Building 7 at the World trade center was dodgy though and I find it hard to believe that could collapse due to minimum damage and office fires, I'd blame that one on the likes of Cheney as the Bush admin were not smart enough to perpetrate 9/11 but they were smart enough to make it work for them..... but of course I'm wrong.

I thought that fluoride in the drinking water at low controlled doses was beneficial ... of course at high doses like most other things it's harmful. Fluoride is found naturally in water and in parts of the world can be found at dangerous concentrates. Some governments add it to water to prevent tooth decay.

According to the Conspiracy Archives it can be used for anything from mind control, giving you cancer and mental retardation and depending on what day of the week it is it may even cause shooting sprees.

Well that's me schooled. Except that Northern Ireland doesn't have fluoride added to the water and there is a load of cancer about, mental retardation or just a lot of very thick people and ready to fight and riot at a moments notice. They'd shoot you if they had the guns.

Ach I must be just wrong. What is the point to having such insight, wisdom and experience if I don't get it right? .... imagine a frowny face here cos I just can't be arsed to do one. Me confidence is all gone.

Don't vaccinate yer kids because they put mercury into the vaccines that causes autism ... since 2001 all vaccines for under 6 year-olds have been thimerosal free... Actually the MMR and IPV Vaccines have never contained thimerosal but you don't want facts getting in the way of a good scare. The MMR etc are live virus' and thimerosal would like kill it.  

Some flu jabs may contain trace amounts but since the flu jab is well dodgy and doesn't always werk thanks to evolution Old Knudsen doesn't do that one. FUCK YER FLU JAB!

The page admin did not like me asking why this is still an issue if they don't add it anymore and put up links that probably said they did .... no doubt written by Jim Carey MD but I'm fed up with nutters using sites that look like real news or science sites that talk jargon and whose links are mostly dead or don't go where they say they go to. 
READ ALL ABOUT HOW VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM IN THE LANCET .... and it gives you their subscription page, yeah nice try. 

Of course the FDA, CDC and WHO websites are all lies so you can't go by what they say. 

So vaccines cause autism even though there is no proof but a discredited scientist looking to get published said so and parents who only noticed their kids were autistic when they started speaking said so ... Got it.

If Old Knudsen had a dollar for everytime he is wrong (according to the virgin teenager stoner admin of this page) he'd be rich bitches, at least $5.

 Bob Marley smoked marijuana ... now he's dead. 

I didn't even get into the whole, 'marijuana cures everything' crap, of course stoners are going to say this.
I loved the recent story of a vet with PTSD was arrested for growing pot because his state hadn't legalised it. He had been to Callyfornia and had weed there and so wanted some .... for his health of course so he grew 6 plants.
Maybe he shouldn't have chased his wife with a kitchen knife forcing her to call the cops. PTSD doesn't make you stupid and doesn't make you break laws but some stupid law breakers may have PTSD. He'll get better healthcare in prison anyways.      

Yes, this page is that dumb.

Anti-depressants makes you kill people .... I've been on so many different types until I found one that suited me and throughout those years I had never gone on any killing sprees. Hobos hunts are different, that's sport and we eat what we kill. 

The problem is when people aren't on them or are doing well and think they no longer need to be on them and stop taking them. Then you have real health issues like Schizotypal personality disorder that James Holmes has and that could lead to Schizophrenia, Cho may have had schizophrenia, Jared Loughner has been diagnosed as a paranoid Schizophrenic and  Adam Lanza was Autistic and we don't know what else because his mom home schooled him and had him avoid getting healthcare help. 

It's easy to pick a common denominator and decide that is the reason if you can't see the whole picture. They are all males under 30 with mental health issues and easy access to guns but no, it's the anti-depressants, silly me. 

It is funny, until you find out what they actually think.

Why do I go on such pages? Why do I friend nutters? .... Life is an experience and the very odd time you might be pleasantly surprised. Not this time though.

This page is like a nerd you meet at a party and they say something really whacky and far out there that you laugh, then you realise that they aren't laughing and that it wasn't a joke. You are stunned but can't say anything because yer brain is stuck doing double takes. 

When the page called anyone who joined the military murderers I knew that this was a special type of asshole whose opinion mattered nout. 

You know what? On the very remote off chance that Old Knudsen has been wrong about anything well if this is right then I really don't mind being wrong. I'll be one of the sleeping sheeple rather than the anxiety ridden paranoid wuss who is overly sensitive to criticism, when you keep repeating, "this is not debatable" that doesn't mean yer right, that means you can't see that you may be wrong.

And that my lad is not debatable.


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