Thursday, 23 July 2015

Should Crazy People Be Allowed To Own Guns?

A man begrudgingly made to give up his prized AR-15 because he drinks beer at the weekends.

The Obama administration is pushing to ban those on Social Security from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs. It's to bring the laws into line with those of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) which is used to prevent guns being sold to criminals, drug addicts and illegal immigrants. 

The kind of background check that Dyann Roof passed even after his arrest for possession of drugs. Ronald Reagan created the background check in 1981 after an assassination attempt.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is one of the bodies that report people who may be incapable of managing their own affairs from mental illness, incompetency or by some condition, or disease. More than half on their list are older people with dementia or some other reason to not be allowed to have a gun.

Critics have said that those who may not be able to balance a checkbook or are forgetful are not dangerous, violent or unsafe and should not be punished for financial reasons.

Every breath you take every move you make I'll be watching you. 

Many veterans who are deemed unsafe or disabled find comfort in going to the range. You can have PTSD and not want to kill all the stupid motherfuckers who waste yer air. The vet with PTSD that went on a shooting spree that killed Chris Kyle and his friend was also into drugs and drink and not getting the help he needed so putting a weapon in his hands was a total brain fart. 

Most people that kill seem to be not getting the health care that they need. 

Yeah he should really have a gun.

Of course as usual laws try to apply to everyone equally but end up punishing some by not being flexible to special cases. If you got blew up in Iraq and made disabled from the waist down and had to go on disability then why should you have yer guns taken? ... do you have yer car taken too? 

When a shooting happens the media and the public do several predictable things. One is that some use the shooting as proof that everyone should be armed to prevent such shootings in the future which is crazy, after someone is killed in a DUI should all drivers be given drink before they drive? More guns after a spree that kills 26 people is not the answer.   

If guns prevented people from getting shot then cops would never get shot.

Another thing that people do is to figure out how and where he got the guns from. He was being treated for schizophrenia and was able to order guns online .... What the fuck?

One call is usually for better mental health care services to find these people before a shooting happens, that goes into the whole Minority report future crime zone. You can't tell what people will do what but criminals, junkies and people with dementia do not need access to guns, it's a no brainer. 

Those with mental health issues that are violent and dangerous also do not need guns but they can be held onto by a family member until they get better because people do get better. Suicide is not really an issue as people will do it with a gun or not.  

Should people who believe in a superior invisible being that they talk to via telepathy be allowed to own guns? .... I don't think so nor does my co-pilot Jesus.

As for the competence with their own affairs, until you stop stupid people from driving and breeding then they should be allowed to own weapons. If they were bought at another time when they had money or given as a gift then what is the problem? 

You can say that Obama is out to take yer guns, that argument is usually based of fear and ignorance. A right to own guns is not a need but I get it, many people like guns. It could be argued that Old Knudsen with his history of PTSD and depression might have his weapons taken which would be sad because if there is one person that needs to be armed it's Old Knudsen, he'd only shoot those that need it ... Hoors get cut up as bullets cost money. 

I wouldn't worry about Obama taking yer guns, I'd worry about Bill Cosby cos that fucker gets you when you are sleeping. Old Knudsen hasn't slept for years because of him.  

Obama for his faults is trying to stop the stupid shooting sprees by giving people health care and making sure crazy and criminal people can't get guns so easily. Is that bad that he doesn't want another Sandy Hook to happen?  
Is it bad that people don't mind 20 kids and 6 teachers from getting killed or 9 church goers or 4 Marines getting shot as long as everyone who wants a gun can have one? 

This law needs a review process at the beginning rather than an appeal after you lose yer guns, at least this is something.  


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