Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mom Blames Obama For Making Her Have Sex With High School Jock

Iris Gibney 42, a Victoria's Secret store employee and married "cheer" mom pleaded guilty to having with a 17 year-old High School American football player ..... Did you know they just call it football in the US? They also don't call it the American civil war which is fucking well not on cos American football is a pansy version of rugby and Britain had a civil war long before the Yanks ... just ask a British hipster.

 How Gibney may have looked thanks to angles, filters and photoshap.

Gibney of Pennsylvania met the youth at a football game where she was working with the cheer team which her daughter is on and she started sexting the player. I never like to send pics of me lad to people (I do it anyways) cos I like to see their face of shock and disgust first hand.

"I made a horrible decision. I have been in therapy since it happened."

Aye it's crap when they catch you. Because it was Pennsylvania she got five years probation, 100 hours of community service and must undergo sex, drug and alcohol treatment .... I'll be seeing you in class then lass.    

"Obama has ruined this country with his affordable health care for 32 million uninsured Americans, his growing economy, killing Osama, repealing the don't ask don't tell act and increased support for veterans .... all I know is that I would never have done anything like this under the Bush administration .... thanks Obama."  

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