Friday, 17 July 2015

Jim Wells Is A Liar

Remember at the end of April the then Health minister of Northern Ireland, DUP politician Jim Wells resigned? Well I did a post on it  so you should remember ... what do you mean you don't read my boring Northern Ireland posts? Well I don't either.

He said that children brought up in a homosexual relationship are more likely to be abused or neglected. Where did he get these facts from?

Ghey marriage causes straight couples to get divorced. Ian Paisley jr didn't just make that up you know.

After that he then went door to door for votes and ended up harassing a lesbian couple saying that his party doesn't believe in their lifestyle. The funny thing was that they were DUP voters until he showed up. 

Politicians on the mainland even slagged him off for his homophobic views so he resigned saying that he was leaving to take care of his wife who was recovering from two strokes. 

It took him 2 months to come up with a come back plan. His sick wife can be used as a back up excuse but now he's saying that he never said those words that stated as fact homosexual couples are more likely to abuse or neglect their children. The tape has been doctored he says .... yes a secret organisation probably reptilian in nature went to all the trouble to doctor the tape because he is what stands in their way to enslave the world. 

The DUP are small potatoes, no one cares. They are like bargain basement politicians who refer to the Bible on matters rather than do what's right or form their own opinions.    

He is denying everything and stating how he is now out to clear his name. The only problem with this plan is that he actually DID says those words. Even if they were taken out of context he still said the words. 
Unless he said before the clip, "If I was a bigoted homophobe I'd say that, it's a fact that children raised by a homosexual couple are more likely to be abused or neglected"    

This was the same man telling the leezers that their lifestyle was wrong. This is the guy who said that if a woman got pregnant after getting raped, the fetus is the ultimate victim so she should have the baby. Abortion only for medical emergencies .... rape is not an emergency. 

Yeah Wells you did say it, you said it all. Just because you want to return to work because there are no jobs out there in the real world for someone with yer lack of experience and qualifications .... yeah other jobs don't just put you in charge of shit because yer friends with a guy you go to yer Young Creationist church with. 

The DUP have demonstrated over the decades that they are anti-ghey, not just anti-same sex marriage but they want to make being ghey illegal as it was in the early 80's. They are as anti-ghey as the Orange Order are anti-Catholic and of course many DUP members are in the Orange Order. 

After fighting to stop ghey couples from adopting children the DUP is still using tax payer money to fight a legal battle to prevent ghey men from donating blood. 

I believe that Wells said the words, not just because there is indisputable proof but because he's a cunt and very likely to say it. It shows you what fine Christians they are every time they deny any wrong doing. Luckily Jesus died for all their sins so lets sin away and lie and not let his death be in vain.  


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