Sunday, 12 July 2015

Happy Glorious 12th!

Orange mouth breather showing us he will march where ever he pleases.

Sunday being the UK's national hangover day has a double meaning today in Northern Ireland. Last night was locally and very creatively called the 11th night which is when the Protestant Loyalists (it's just a name they don't go to church and aren't loyal to anyone) set fire to large piles of wooden pallets adorned with Pope effigies and Irish flags because it's their culture. 

  A typical 11th night.

The 11th night has been compared to the Lord of the flies or the Purge movies. You get drunk, set shit on fire, attack the fire brigade when they try to save the surrounding houses from fire, goad the police into trying to arrest you (the police cry a lot and phone in sick for the 11th) and attack anyone who has pissed you off over the year or anyone you suspect of being a Fenian... Any empty building (Alliance party office) tends to look like a Fenian. 

Hangovers and having to walk miles in their good going out shoes probably adds to tensions and the amount of dirty looks given to the crowds. What family doesn't want to go and get stared down by angry blokes looking at them because they are taking photos .... ah parades are so much family fun.

Loyalists love to dress up in costumes.

The 12th July is to celebrate the victory of the dirty Dutchman William of Orange against the Catholic king James in 1690 which won William the throne of England. It's like a mean spirited 4th July or Cinco de Mayo because the Loyalists rub the present day Catholic's nose in the fact that they beat king James ... though they didn't actually do it themselves but the way they get on you'd think they had. 
Present day Loyalists don't join armies as that is dangerous. William of Orange hated Britain and only used it to raise money for his wars across Europe. Like Jesus he has become a heroic and just king with a good command of the English language.

Street fights aren't like in the movies.

Since 1690 the world has moved on but not for the Loyalists. Catholics have moved into homes that happen to be on parade routes, there isn't that many houses to choose from so it's not like they did it on purpose. 
Having loads of angry trouble makers walking past yer house shouting anti-Catholic remarks and playing tunes that mock the Irish Famine (Loyalists ancestors would have been Irish then too, doh!) isn't something that anyone should have to put up with. 

  Old Knudsen dislikes his flag being used by cunts as a gang colour.

Some of us didn't join paramilitary tribes so we could get beer bellies and dress up in pretend military costumes as we intimidate the odd Catholic straggler with our superior numbers. (Loyalists only attack in groups) The same can be said for those other pricks who joined the IRA for a united Ireland by blowing up and shooting civilian men, women and children ... how did that work out for you? 

Old Knudsen served in order to help Northern Ireland, he made himself and his family targets from both the Loyalist and Nationalist sides. He didn't dress up in a bright blue or red costume and marched in a band. Newsflash, the military don't think that highly of bandsmen, the same as they do of cooks in the army. Aye do yer job but you aren't really soldiers which is why in all the movies it's a big deal when the band or the cooks have to be armed .... you know they had to be desperate, "I haven't fired my rifle since boot camp."         

Raised on the Protestant side I never took to the brainwashing, "But why do we hate Catholics?"  .... "Because they are in the IRA" ..... "All of them?" ....... "Fuck up with yer questions, you don't want people thinking yer a Fenian lover."
Living in the Bible belt I never took to religion either. What has some Middle Eastern ex-Jew got in common with me or my life? You died for my sins? Well fuck you, no one asked you to.  Religion has sure fucked over Northern Ireland so I don't see much value in it. 

Then in my adulthood I met some Catholics and me granny was wrong, they didn't have tails.

Maybe it's the lack of cognitive complexity, Caveman say: um hate taigs, um god and Ulster, um no surrender.  They never stand by anything they say.

I learned that it doesn't matter what people are, it matters if they are cunts or not. Being a cunt to you or to others. I learned that you can vote for peace as we did in 1998 but if the people in power are corrupt then that vote and all those others who served to make this a better place did so in vain.  

I love the Queen!

I could put this post up every year. The pictures would look the same and the attitudes would certainly be the same. Bullies getting outraged when they can't march where they want to and everyone else just sick of their shit. 


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