Saturday, 25 July 2015

Fried Foods Means Fat Seman

The US Navy have stopped serving fried foods on their wee boats because the sailors are getting too fat to cuddle.
The Navy isn't very exercise orientated since they are on ship, boat or sub so getting exercise can be difficult but not impossible.

The US Marines are always bragging about how tough and fit they are and if they can get exercise then so can the sailors.
I've been aboard British naval vessels and those doors and hatches are a squeeze with my manly shoulders and firm erect nipples, you wouldn't need to be a claustrophobic fat fucker on those things.    
 Rihanna looked pretty fit when she was in the navy.

This has nothing to do with the healthy school meals Michelle Obama is forcing on the kids as she has no say with the military. I think they should enforce discipline and keep to the annual fitness tests rather than treat sailors as children.

I reckon a lot of fat shaming will be going on on board after this.  

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