Friday, 10 July 2015

Experts Say That Loyalists Must Be Brain Damaged

Experts from James University London, have released a study that suggests that 8 of of 10 Northern Ireland's Loyalists suffer from some form of brain damage.

Professor Irvine the head of the 4 year research into Loyalism said, " The lives of Loyalists are complex ones full of rejection and very much lacking in parental love, those parents may also be damaged people too."   

He continues, "There are many reasons for Loyalist retardation such as Fetal alcohol syndrome, being partially smothered by their parents which happens often, being dropped on their heads as babies and of course glue sniffing and alcohol abuse starting early in their teenage years."

These new findings may help authorities in dealing with Loyalists such as the ones at Chobham Street bonfire who refuse to reduce the size of the fire or the location of it causing 50 families to leave their homes for fear of catching fire on the 11th night. Police and Politicians have used their best manners and have said please and thank you but have gotten no where, the Loyalists won't even take money.  One Ulster Unionist councillor who wanted to look as if his own side respected what he had to say even offered to suck dick and that always works but not this time. 

Mel Gibson who was in Belfast to make Mad Max: The Golden Years took one look at all the Israeli flags up and automatically assigned blame on the Jews who run Hollywood, the Loyalists, Sinn Fein and are posing as ISIS and One Direction. Gibson then took a look at a police officer who was observing the bonfire (that's all they do) and said, "what are you looking at sugar tits?" the officer burst into tears and had to be put on leave to cope with the emotion abuse, police do not expect him to return to duty any time soon. 

Old Bitter Balls caught up with some of these Loyalist bonfire masterminds and asked for a comment, "The thug life chose us we didn't chose the thug life."

Some Loyalists just want to watch the werld burn. 

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