Friday, 10 July 2015

Chris Cross Dressers

Chris Pine, Hemsworth, Evans and Pratt

Hollywood A-listers Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt love to play practical jokes on each other and have now realised that they could take it to another level because people were always getting confused about which Chris is which. 

One of the Chris' in a tight white shirt ... does it matter which one? 

The Chris who was in Star Trek ..... well Hemsworth played James Kirk's Da in Star Trek and Chris Pine was Kirk himself.  It's so confusing. 

One night when they mistook Robert De Niro for Al Pacino they came up with a cunning plan to combat conflicting work and home schedules. They turned up at each others premieres and homes and no one was any the wiser. 

Chris Pratt stood in on a date for Chris Evans who had game tickets that day. Chris Pratt was able to talk about how great it was to play 'a' superhero in the movies and his date was mesmerized by his humour and movie star charm, he even got to third base and got a second date on which he fully expects Evans to go all the way unless he can't make it and then Pratt will gladly step in again. Chris Evan's team lost by the way. 

     I'm Kirk all right and you love it.

Chris Evans played the parts in Star Trek in which Kirk needed to be smug and sexy or to have charm.

Chris Pine saved a load of money on CGI by using his actual skinny body in the first Captain America movie, fans were amazed a week later when Evans appeared with the muscles and wanted to know his exercise routine, he just smiled and made everyone giggle and forget the question. 

Hemsworth and Pratt got all the baby duty and those pictures designed to explode ovaries. 

Some just aren't cut out to look after children.

Chris Pratt's wife Anna Faris appeared like she was catching on when Chris Pine had a second cup of coffee, her husband never has a second cup of coffee. 

Chris Hemsworth was substituted at half time and soon Anna had forgotten all her doubts. She didn't even question that his foreskin had magically grown back ..... Such is the power and confusion of the Chris.   

 Angela Merkal sees through my bullshit.

I don't believe anything I read on this blog. I also don't believe that Greece has got no money and will invade the fuck out of it (again) to get ma money bitch. It's true, Greece has about 550 billion drachma locked away in its vaults, which is around 3 and a half Euros.

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