Friday, 10 July 2015

Chobham Street Homes To Be Demolished

The Department for Regional Development and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive have deemed that the 50 houses around Chobham Street in Belfast near the site of a huge 11th night bonfire must be demolished as they are a fire hazard.

Minister for Regional Development, Danny Kennedy said, "It's very irresponsible for people to have homes full of combustible material so close to a bonfire."

When asked if wouldn't it make more sense to move the bonfire Chief Constable George Hamilton of the Police Service of Northern Ireland started to sweat and his eyes began to water, "They won't listen to us, they make oinking noises and laugh, this seems to be the best option."  

The Orange Order are as usual quiet on this subject though they firmly believe that Protestants have the right to celebrate the 12th July 1690 battle victory and have traditional bonfires where ever they please. They do have shit fits when the Fenians have their celebrations by burning down Orange halls. Ach you can't have it both ways.  

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