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Charles Lindbergh Not Such A Hero


Charles Lindbergh as you may remember is the all American hero who flew solo for the first time across the Atlantic in 1927. James Stewart played him in the movie and Stewart is a likeable war hero so his status as all American hero is secured.

Lindbergh served in WWII flying bomber raids in the Pacific theater and has been on postage stamps so a total fucking hero. It was a real shame that his baby son was kidnapped huh.

 He believed in forming a neutrality pact with Hitler.

Lindbergh was a Nazi sympathizer, like many clueless idiots he liked the idea of white European superiority and was against dilution of the races by inter marrying. He thought that the Jew population did need to be controlled but a certain type of Jew was beneficial to countries, if only we could just have a small amount of those. A believer in eugenics he was told that he was the perfect breeding material for the master race.

He was confused by the violence that occurred during Hitler's rise to power as Germans are usually so ordered and controlled. When WWII broke out he went around the US preaching about non-involvement .... Like how Jim Carey gets on about vaccinations and Trump gets on about immigrants.       

Lindbergh with fat fuck Hermann Göring in 1936 who awarded him a medal. 

In 1932 Linbergh's 20 month old son Charles jr was kidnapped from the family home in New Jersey. Lindbergh was a massive celeb at that time and had been made a wealthy man with sponsorship deals. Not bad for a college drop out.


When Lindbergh's wife Anne first heard about the kidnapping she had hoped it was Charles playing a prank on her like the time he hide the baby in their dumpster and scared the shit out of her .... funny as fuck, what a prankster. 

Lindbergh told the police to back off and dealt with the kidnappers himself. He paid them $50,000 which was less than they had wanted but they took it. The bills were marked to try to catch them later. 

In May of 1932 two weeks after the ransom had been paid the baby was found dead in the woods just 4 miles from the home. The baby had some deformities that the public didn't know about such as a large skull that was quite thin with parts that hadn't fused, this is known as craniosynostosis and can also cause some internal organs to be enlarged and mal-formed. The baby also had over lapped toes. 

Lindbergh identified the body by counting the teeth and looking at the toes. There had been some animal damage though some doctors today wonder why the organs that would have been effected by the craniosynostosis had been eaten while others hadn't. 

Police questioned the British nanny repeatedly .... yes, British nannies were well suspect even then. The nanny drank some silver polish and killed herself and afterwards the police cleared her, they were just a little heavy handed with their questioning. 

     Bruno Richard Hauptmann in the light suit. 

Richard Hauptmann a German immigrant was tried for the crime. He paid for gas at a filling station with a gold certificate and the attendant thought it odd and took down his license plate.  As a teenager he had fought in WWI on the Western front, afterwards he couldn't find work as a carpenter in post war recession hit Germany so he turned to a life of crime. He failed to get into the USA because of his criminal record but after he used a stolen landing card he did. If yer ancestor couldn't get into the US in 1923 then blame him. 

He married Anna Schoeffler, had a child and lived in the Bronx. Money from the ransom was found at his home, wood from the ladder used to take the baby out of it's nursery window was found at his house too. He claimed the money was from a deceased friend of his named Isidore Fisch. During the trial he was named the 'The Most Hated Man in the World' and repeatedly said he was innocent, right up to the time when they fried him. He could have gotten a life sentence if he had confessed. 

Hauptmann was not picked out from a line up by the guy who paid the ransom money and none of his finger prints were found on the ladder or anywhere else. His wife fought for years to clear his name saying that he had been framed. 
I think he may have been an accomplice more than anything.  

Jews .... What's that about?

One theory has it that the baby was dropped and died while being kidnapped as the ladder was not very stable. A fracture to its head was the probable cause of death.   

Lindy and car making hero Henry Ford, they'd talk for hours blaming the Jews on everything ... lovely people. 

Lindbergh was a eugenics nut and a control freak narcissist, having a deformed son would have been shameful for him and a challenge to his world view of perfection. 
It's all very odd and facts get lost due to celebrity. Lindbergh wasn't all that and went from being a hero to being a pariah. Seems that he was a total dick, that's the trouble with heroes, they are also human.   

Lindbergh and his wife Anne Morrow went on to have 6 children, he also had at least 3 affairs, with his personal assistant and Brigitte a German woman and her sister Marietta. He went on to have 3 illegitimate children who were raised in Germany which was very odd as both German women were disabled and not able to walk properly due to childhood illnesses. 



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