Sunday, 26 July 2015

Captain Kirk A Republican?

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz touched upon one of the hottest topics in the US today. The elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about for fear of alienating voters ... no not race.

He suggested that Captain Kirk was a Republican. "If you look at ’Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ it basically split James T. Kirk into two people. Picard was Kirk’s rational side, and William Riker was his passionate side. I prefer a complete captain. To be effective, you need both heart and mind."

 He said what? 
 "The original ‘Star Trek’ was grittier, Kirk is working class; Picard is an aristocrat. Kirk is a passionate fighter for justice; Picard is a cerebral philosopher. The original ‘Star Trek’ pressed for racial equality, which was one of its best characteristics, but it did so without sermonizing."

Spock: "It's a book Jim, The tale of two cities by Charles Dickens" 

Kirk: "What the fuck am I supposed to do with this ya big fruit, who gives someone a book as a birthday present? ..... I even doubt I'll be able to have sex with it, I'll try but I doubt it."

Shatner had something to say about Cruz's comments, "Star Trek wasn’t political. I’m not political; I can’t even vote in the US."

What the fuck does Shatner know about Kirk? .... Isn't Chris Pine Kirk? .... just kidding of course he isn't, that's like saying Daniel Craig or Roger Moore is Bond, we all know that Bond was GEORGE FUCKING LAZENBY and always shall be ..... or David Niven maybe Woody Allen.   

Cruz likes to compare himself to Kirk but would Cruz eat a cup full of pussy for lunch like Kirk does? He doesn't support abortion, even in case of rape and incest, he hates the pussy. 

In 2012 Cruz said that Obama's mother being a citizen is irrelevant, because his father wasn't a citizen he shouldn't be president.
In 2015 he said that his own mother was an American citizen, it's irrelevant what his father was. His father is Cuban and like Shatner Cruz was also born in Canada.

In Space Seed Kirk gives Lt McGivers the choice of court martial or going into exile to be with the controlling probably insane manipulative man (Khan) that she loves so he is all about giving weemen a choice.

Sorry Cruz, only the likes of Battlestar Galactica (2004) allows Hispanics into space and puts them into positions of power and you ain't even an Adama.   

Shatner is wrong though, Star Trek was very political. A Russian character during the Cold war, a black female character who was kissed by a white man during the civil rights era. A utopian society in which everyone was equal (except for rank) which had strong females (in mini skirts) doing important jobs. The world they lived in was socialist that bordered on Communism, money and the greed for money no longer existed .... not very Republican or Democrat.

Bones never once asked for proof of insurance before waving a salt and pepper shaker over yer head.

Kirk may have fought or shagged whatever he could but his moral compass was sure and he valued out of the box thinking. He never used the Bible to make others feel worthless and respected the human and alien rights of others.

In Star Trek 6 the undiscovered cuntry he over came his hatred and near racism of Klingons who had killed his son and tried to fuck him up at every turn. A very cold war political movie that happened after the fall of the Berlin wall and the acceptance of Russia. You can apply that hatred he had for the Klingons to present day Muslims or gheys if you want but could or would Cruz or other Bible thumping Republicans surrender to the Klingons in order not to start a war or would they shields up and finish the Klingon bastards off?

Picard even dealt with his PTSD while Kirk thrived on wallowing.

Star Trek 6 was actually to help fans accept Picard more as it was at the time the final Original cast movie. The next generation explored the other cast members more. No thick accents unless you count Picard's French by way of Yorkshire accent but you had the character of Data who like Spock was exploring what it meant to be human which was a recurring theme.   

Picard is a diplomat but in Star ship mine and First contact he easily man's up and straps on a gun to do what needs to be done but keeping his humanity and not acting out of revenge or rage was something that made him who he was rather than a silly political party. Defining yourself as a Republican or a Democrat limits you, Kirk and Picard were humans first, their ideals changed if they were wrong or no longer fitted in with the times and they were not a 'one size fits all' when it came to rules.

Kirk I need you to beat up the bad guy, save the day and probably die while I survive and take the credit.   

The main thing that both had in common was a sense of duty and personal sacrifice though neither would go for the White House if it meant leaving the Enterprise.  

Later Star Treks put a black guy in charge and then a woman, things that the US seems to be rushing towards for president to just be able to say that they did it.  

Cruz is no Kirk and Kirk is no Republican as surely as Picard is no Democrat .... not that there is much of a difference these days. 


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