Monday, 6 July 2015

American Vows To Take His Cuntry Back

 Doug with his all American car.

Doug Baumhauer is an all American true patriot and he's angry. He believes that America is one nation under God and that President Eisenhower who got born again and added the 'God' bit to the pledge of allegiance should be considered a founding father .... as should Moses but that's another story. 
"Eisenhower knew that we could only trust in God ... because sooner or later the Democrats would get into power again."

Richard Nixon being Eisenhower's vice president could also be trusted.  

Doug thinks that when China hacked US computers they infected all the computers in America with a ghey virus which then got airborne and jumped to humans, hence the same sex marriage vote. He has a list of sources that confirm this story and many of them almost look like news sites and can cite people with real PhD's ..... mostly in Geography but it still counts.  

"I only use Internet Explorer as other Internet providers have been infected and I feel myself wanted to look at gay porn which my pastor says is a sin." 

He is angry too that Internet Explorer is being taken away by the leftie liberal commie scum and sees this as an attack upon his freedom. 

"We need to take this country back from non-white Christian people because I'm pretty sure the Constitution was only written by and for white Christian people. The founding fathers had to hid that they were Christian or the British would persecute them like they did the Pilgrims, you don't see any Pilgrims around these days, it was a very dangerous time. " 

Doug says he isn't racist but says that the black population is purposely out breeding the whites and TV shows and movies that have black Presidents and Generals are getting us used to the idea of being the next slave race. The census records have the black population at 13% but since 2008 Obama has set up secret FEMA breeding camps. 

Doug supports Donald Trump in the elections and asks that if Trump is wrong then why are the Hispanics on TV always gang members? He also supports the Confederate flag and says it was for freedom and independence and that slavery kept those people in a job and they were grateful as Lincoln had destroyed the US economy as he was obsessed with fighting vampires.  

He will fight to take his country back but since there isn't a real enemy and he has to keep his job or the ex will be yapping about child support he'll be in standby but ready mode. He advises to use your computers with rubber gloves and win arguments with liberals by shouting the same phrase over and over again, they can't stand logic being used against them.   


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