Tuesday, 7 July 2015

94% Wouldn't Trust A Robinson To Go To The Shops For Them

Gareth and Peter Robinson.

The National Asset Management Agency or NAMA is a body set up by the Irish government to help deal with the deflation of the Irish property bubble.

Not to be confused with NAMBLA which is the North America Man Boy love association which many Northern Ireland and UK politicians were honorary members of after the Pedophile Information Exchange was closed down.    

The current scandal now is that during a routine audit, an account with £7 million has been found on the Isle of Man and that money seems to be 'ear marked' for a Northern Ireland politician and brokers of the sale of Nama's property in Northern Ireland to US firm Cerberus Capital Management.  

Tughans, the Belfast law firm that handled the deal and have been doing damage control every since. It turns out that Gareth Robinson, the son of Peter, the First Minister had worked there. The first rule of damage control is to stop employing those who are guilty, even if that includes Ian Coulter, the former managing partner who was in charge of the account.

A statement from the Police Service of Northern Ireland said, "wha? .... we don't know nothing, fraud and crime isn't our job."

Peter Robinson is an estate agent and has been keeping up with the business even while in charge of Northern Ireland .... well that explains why nothing gets done. His wife Iris often invests in property, especially on behalf of young firm bodied men with low standards. 

Do I think that Gareth and the family did shady deals maybe to support his alleged coke habit? ... Of course not, they are fine Christians.  Do I think that Nelson McCauseland in his capacity as head of social housing and properties that were bought with government money and sold off cheaply and paid inflated fees to a maintenance company had some of that money going to him? .... of course not, like I said a good Christian. 

Nah only kidding, this lot are as dirty as Old Knudsen's gunties and are out for themselves not Northern Ireland. I bet they encourage social division to keep property values low for buying before going to American investors like Cerberus and Pimco and telling them what a great opportunity property investment in Northern Ireland is.  

So Orangemen, do you like yer parades that aren't allowed to march? Who gives a fuck? Certainly not Peter Robinson, he has more urgent business to take care of like how to keep him and his son out of the news and still get their money. Paisley sold out as did many IRA terrorists when offered power and money, those people have found that being part of the problem certainly pays off in the end. 

Deny deny deny ... and oh, can we have our money then?

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