Thursday, 18 June 2015

WTF Moment From The 70's

Kim Kardashian broke the Internet .... or it seemed like she did until I realised I was using Internet explorer. Fucking blackouts, you never know what I'll do during them.

Well I can't look away even if her waist is photoshapped. She is all oiled up and has a baldly minge like a 10 year-old gurl... I have no idea why she has yon derp face in the middle pic though. Is this sexy?

Go back to 1975. A young actress by the name of Brooke Shields was oiled up and made up and doing a spread called Sugar and spice for Playboy. When I say young I mean 10 years - old.

I covered her up but the uncovered pictures (known as iconic) are out there for all. Photographer Garry Gross wanted to reveal the femininity of prepubescent girls by comparing them to adult women .... aye, sure he did.

Brooke got paid $450 to do the shoot and in later years tried to buy back the negatives and sue Gross but the contract her mother had signed held up and Gross won.

Gross sold some of the rights to another artist who used them under the pretentious name Spiritual America and one picture even sold for $151,000 in 1999.

Firstly yes, it is gross. What kind of mother would agree to putting her 10 year-old daughter in Playboy? Most parents would have a heart attack if their grown up child did Playboy for fucks sake.

I know it was the 1970's but seriously America, this was legal?  Oh it's not kiddie porn it's artistic, away an fuck.

Too many times has this shit been excused away, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Bill Wyman, Steven Tyler, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Peter Hayman, Lou Pearlman, Brian Singer, John Peel and Prince Andrew.

Some times the creep dies and never sees justice because their fame and influence guarded them but people go out of their way to work with Polanksi and Allen as if they are legends .... WTF!

The double standard is also pretty clear, men who groom and rape underage girls are more socially acceptable than say a man and young boys. So Steven Tyler can have a 14 year-old girl live with him and when she turns 17 and he has to make her have an abortion he can return her to her parents and continue making hit songs and being a judge on a talent show ... hey it's rock and roll.

Mandy Smith said about Bill Wyman who started having sex with her when she was 14 with her parent's consent, "I suppose it is like a woman being raped by her husband. He may have raped her, but how can it be rape because she is married to him?" 

Elvis can date a 14 year-old girl because he's the king. Allen can abuse then marry his adopted daughter and abuse his other adopted daughter and then adopt two more kids because he's a movie genius (not my words) Polanski with a 13 year-old girl before he fled to Europe ... just lies from people trying to get rich, that's always a good excuse.
Just ignore 16 year-old Charlotte Lewis and 15 year-old Natassja Kinski.... great men just do that sort of thing and they return the favour if they want to be famous.

Just because it's legal in some places for a 23 year-old man to marry his 13 year-old 1st cousin or that the law says you can do what you want if you pay off the parents, doesn't mean it's right.  

Of course we just don't mention Michael Jackson because that was with boys.     


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