Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Willie Frazer Joins Fightclub But Tells Everyone

Loyalist mouthpiece Protestant victims rights activist Willie Frazer was attacked at his door by a man claiming to have IRA connections. The older man who was disabled enough that he had to walk with a stick even gave Frazer a get well card since he is a dead man walking an all .... which was nice since he signed it.  

It's often a man's mouth that breaks his nose.

While Frazer getting barely violently attacked by an old disabled guy who was a foot smaller than him and losing the fight might seem funny to some, we at Old Bitter Balls do not support physical violence. 

When I say that there are terms and conditions attached as some people are in need of a good killing.  You don't threaten, you just do it.

Frazer's performance in the movie was quite unbelievable, he claims to be ex-military but can't even gain the upper hand at the door, never mind while on the ground. 

The attacker on the other hand was totally reminiscent of  Wolverine, if Wolverine didn't have claws and didn't know how to fight and had all the rage of a frustrated dementia sufferer who doesn't know where they are .... I mean he has a walking stick and doesn't use it once.   

I set the video to some appropriate music and thankfully it ends before the attacker (on top of Willie arf arf) dry humps Willie and explodes his old man seed all over Willie's face .... Something that Frazer did not mention in any of the post attack interviews.

Shame on anyone who fights as badly as this. 

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