Wednesday, 17 June 2015

White People Get Offended On Behalf Of Black People

British glamour model Eritrea has come out in defense of former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal who is a white woman that posed as a black woman in order to make a living based on the struggles of the black minorities in the US.

Eritrea from Essex says that she is black and has always identified with black culture, when growing up she'd listen to black singers like Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera and Vanilla Ice. She prefers KFC to McDonald's and before her 3 boob jobs her boobs were very saggy.  

"My nan would sit me on her knee and pass onto me the oral history of my people from Kunta Kinte over there in the Gambia which is near Africa to Chicken George and some others I can't remember, it's in my blood, init."     

A man of color. 

Donald Trump who thought about running for president in 1988, 2000, 2004 and 2012 was so moved by Dolezal's struggle that he announced he was running for 2016.

"As a proud black man I will vow to up hold the struggles of Claudette Colvin, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Al Sharpton, Martin Luther nailed his declaration of faith onto that door saying that he would never give up until whitey pays compensation, this is my declaration saying the same thing. I shall not rest until America has it's first black American born Christian as president and to question my policies means you're a racist, fight the power my brothers and sisters, Hakuna Matata!"   

Mitt Romney another man of color quickly rushed to endorse Trump. Romney who had a racial reassignment treatment in 2012 isn't running this time because people cane still remember the last failure too clearly and thinks that white American feels threatened by a strong black person.

Experts believe that when perfectly healthy white folks want to rebel against their middle class backgrounds or against their parents they'll become what white people fear the most ... black people.

Channing Tatum has come out of the closet to tell the world he is Asian. 

No one at the Oscar cries because white people tortured raped and killed black people they had as slaves and like to forget that the founding fathers except for John Adams all owned slaves. George Washington owned 318.
They do cry when some black people walk over a bridge to a John Legend tune.

The white people take the culture from the minorities and use it to feel more morally righteous or so they can earn a living off the backs of slaves by saying they understand because hey we all come from Africa originally right?

 I have to stop you there, Rachel Dolezal makes a better black person, she understands our struggle.

Using Dolezal as an example white people make pretty good black people, in the future maybe we 'll see all ethnic groups as being white. Hollywood has for years used white people for ethnic roles and call it white privilege if you want but we're better at being ethnic than the ethnics .... except for sports and dancing. 

Lower class white people have been dressing in dodgy looking clothes for years in cloths that could be described as 'something a black person would wear'. Is it racist to say so if it's true? The bleached blonde Nordic/Master race look is being replaced by weaves and frizzy black hair, white is the new black. 
 Guess which one went native for Royal Ascot. 

If you want to out source riots in the US to low class white who have less chance of getting shot then just hire them from Northern Ireland, we like to riot and abuse police .... it's our culture.    

There are 3 white people in this photo, I doubt you'll find them.

In the US and in London they riot because the police shoot someone, in Northern Ireland they riot because of flags or because of reasons ..... we're even better at rioting, we barely do any prison time either.  



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