Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Vatican And Pietro Beretta Arms Company

As a cardinal the Pope was sent to Russia to hone up his sniping skills in a bid to end homelessness  in Argentina.

There has been a rumor going around the pseudo news sites since 2012 that the Vatican bank otherwise known as IOR (Institute for Works of Religion) is a major investor in Beretta Holding SpA which runs the Pietro Beretta arms factory. 

 Lethal weapon and Die hard movies both featured the 9 mil Beretta as the hero gun. 

Berettas are fine weapons which thanks to action movies in the 1980's had a resurgence in interest and coincidentally (not so much) the US military started using the Beretta in 1985 and are in the process of updating their M9 9 mil Beretta but can't decide with what, another Beretta or a Sig Sauer? I suppose cost will be the deciding factor.   

Clint can't fire his 357 Colt Python anymore thanks to brittle bones, maybe he should switch to a 9 mil.

Revolvers got relegated to the gun that old timers use. People no longer wanted to come over every thing a mere 6 times but wanted to come over and over and not tire out their wrist .... er I mean shoot.

The reason for interest in what the Vatican invests in is because the Pope recently said that if you invest or make arms (weapons not limbs) then you can't be a true Christian. Then he whipped a young priest for not having his 50 gold goblets shiny enough. 

 Who am I to say if they should do the walk of shame? .... but of course they must.

Yes the Pope says many things about tolerance, helping others and continues with the same policies of excluding and condemning gheys and oppressing weemen .... but he smiles and sacrifices the odd Cardinal to show he doesn't like pedos unlike back in the day when he enabled them so he must be nice. 

If you own a car, like having money and luxuries then I can't see how you'd be a true Christian anyway. Jesus never had a Smart phone or a flat screen TV ... ach that made up hippy didn't even have shoe laces for fucks sake . "Hey I don't know how to set up a Face book account, whatever that is but when you die I'll look after your soul."   Can you really trust someone who didn't Instagram their last supper? ..... 13 blokes and not a Twitter account amongst them.

If you can't trust a deity who raped a young woman so she would give birth to himself then who can you trust? .... and people slag off the Anti-Christ. 

Here is the truth on whether or not the Vatican has shares in the Beretta arms company. It all comes from an over heard conversation the Pope was having with some of his chums. The Pope lifted his robe to show a  Beretta 21A Bobcat strapped to his ankle, as well as having that compact little pistol he said that he owns a Bereta 92 and sleeps with it under his pillow in case any mother fucka (sic) wanted to have a go. 

So he doesn't own shares in Beretta, he just owns some Beretta's. The Swiss are famous for being a gun owning nation but in reality loud noises makes the typical Swiss person pee themselves, they don't mean to profit off wars but it's hard to shoot the enemy with a leg full of pee and blinking every time you shoot ... so get off their back.  

Like horses on parades the Swiss guard who protect the Pope have to be bomb proofed, that means that they not panic when a loud noise goes off, sort of what the US military have been doing with the Iraqi army. 
The Swiss get nervous around guns and prefer pointed sticks so the Pope has to protect himself. 

Raised in the slums of Argentina the Pope has had to fight and molest his way to the top. In Buenos Aires he would go out late at night and help the homeless, when asked he would modestly down play his acts of kindness but the people of the street would tell stories of how he'd put all the street urchins into his van with the blacked out windows and take them to live on a beautiful farm. It must have been a lovely place to live as none ever returned to a life on the streets. 

A Beretta strapped to his ankle isn't the only protection he has, his body is also covered neck to toe in tattoos of holy scripture so he isn't infected by the sin of those he comes in contact with. 

I hope this explains the whole major share holder of an arms company thing, you have to be careful about what you read on the Interwebs. 


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