Monday, 1 June 2015

The Duggar Family

 They're creepy and they're kooky, they're all together ooky.

It used to be 17, then 18 and then 19 and counting. A reality TV show following the lives of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and the sprogs that spew from their loins. Nine gurls and ten boys whose names all (very imaginatively) begin with 'J'.

They live in Arkansas and are devout Christians .... aye judge away, they ARE those kind of people. The man of the hoose is the leader and absolute boss, God gave him this burden. Appropriate TV, filtered Internet, no shorts or short skirts that show thigh and no beaches in case the males get tempted by the godless hoors there.

The Devil is making you look! 

Michelle puts her husband's needs first, submits to his will and puts out whenever he wants ... obviously.
God works through Jim Bob and Michelle knows the rules like never ask the advice of another without her husband's approval, always praise her husband within ear shot of him, taking time with yer hair shows yer submission and love for yer husband, train the kids to be neat and clean, provide good music throughout the day and remember that God doesn't like women who are over weight and being meek and quiet is the basis of a woman's beauty .

The best bit is that a good wife encourages her husband to have alone time or private time so he can be with the lord ... very thoughtful, I'll be at the pub sinking a few with Jesus. 

Michelle is brains and beauty, she reckons that the entire world's population could fit within the city limits of Jacksonville so I doubt that Jim Bob gives up his free time so he can have stimulating conversations with her.

Brains, beauty and a top DJ, no wonder he snapped her up when she was 17.

We like to fuck real dirty and nasty ... like Philistines.

They listen in on phone calls, read their kids e-mails and the older kids are made to look after the younger ones because Ma Duggar is too busy having babies, who has time to squeeze out babies and do 40 loads of laundry per week? Luckily their hoose has 4 washers and dryers. They arrange and vet who the older kids will date, those dates will be chaperoned and of course the parents decide who they'll also marry .   

They spend $3,000 a month on groceries, no wonder they complain about the price of food. 

Daughter Jessa compared the Holocaust to abortion after visiting  the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. which is the kinda of thought process the museum was probably not aiming for.

Remember folks, evolution is one of Satan's tricks to distract you so he can have yer soul. Old Knudsen once made a deal with the devil, 'I'd so sell my soul for a closer link between birds and dinosaurs' and before you know it China found a fossil, DAMN YOU SATAN!!!!! 

Michelle says, "We didn’t just come from mush! … Science really backs up what Scripture says!"

Like how the earth is 6,000 years old and weemen came from a man's rib. 

So why did TLC cancel this show on Old Knudsen's birthday and on the same day Ireland voted for same sex marriage? It wasn't a present for their favourite blogger, it was because the oldest son Josh went and fucked it up for all of them.
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard just had a son in April, Jessa and Benjamin Seewald just announced they are brewing a bairn as are Josh and Anna Renée Keller who are having their fourth child a gurl.

What is the point of having kids if no one is watching you?

 Josh and his wife.

Thanks to the show, Josh got a job as executive director of the Family Research Council. This is a lobbying organization that promotes family values and fights against things like same sex marriage, divorce, abortion, stem cell research and pornography .... ya know, anything fun or necessary. The Povert law Center labelled the FRC as an anti-ghey hate group. 

Josh not only fucked up the TV show for his parents and siblings but he also fucked up that job too and resigned. 

It seems that Josh fondled the breasts and genitals of 5 younger females (including his sisters) while they were asleep when he was 14. 
In 2002 a gurl told on him and 3 months later he admitted it and the family gave him a good talking to, then in 2003 more came forward and they had to bring in church elders too ... should have kept it in the family Josh, outsiders are trouble.

As punishment and to give him some much needed character he was made to help a friend of the family re-model their home. Jim Bob told everyone that Josh had received counseling so the local police who were friends let it go and didn't press charges.

The police report was made public in 2006 then ordered destroyed by Judge Stacey Zimmerman and his record expunged. Usually these types of records would be kept indefinitely but Josh has contacts and hey they are good God fearing Christians with their own TV show and females should do as they are told right?

They probably tempted him with their head to toe pajamas that covered their naked sinful bodies.

Josh wrote a piece saying how he acted inexcusably and was told that if he continued down this path his life would be ruined so he sought forgiveness from those he hurt and of course from Jesus. Yes it is all about him. Josh wants to have 25 children by the way, you can call that show '25 and touched by an angel ... well that's what dad says.' 

No mention of the help that his victims got or how their lives were affected by getting molested.

Like the Duck Dynasty the Duggars are uber Christian conservatives who appeal to those with one dimensional thinking who only feel right when trampling the rights of others. Should those who make several mistakes as a teen then become a self-entitled prick who preaches to others be forgiven? Not in this case that's for sure.
This kind of creep is a repeat offender, once the seal has been broken there is no question of is this right or is this wrong there is only a question of can I get away with it? 

Be a crazy homeschooling incestuous cult by all means, just don't try to inflict yer values onto others cos those values are backwards and nasty.


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