Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Confederate Flag Is Not Racist

Don't judge him, his other shirt says turtle power.  

"I am disgusted at how the Neggers and the Jews are portraying the Southern Cross, it is not and has never been a racist flag. The Jews try to demonize the Nazi Swastika but the Swastika is an ancient religious symbol that means in Sanskrit 'all is well.'"  Says Ron White the owner of Whites Only bar and grill in South Carolina.

He is upset at how those with 'left wing privilege' have been attacking his culture and heritage .... much like the poor down trodden Orangemen of Northern Ireland who only want their human rights protected, especially the right to do whatever they want.

South Carolina, Mississippi and Georgia gave their support for slavery as a reason for secession from the Union and so the confederate flags came into existence because of those beliefs. That doesn't make it wrong, the Nazi flag came into existence because the Nazis thought they were a superior people and that Jews, gheys and inferior races should be slaves or die, does that make them wrong? .... That logic hurts my head damn I wish I had the smarts.

The US civil war went on from 1861 - 1865 and its first flag represented South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. Those break away states that respected black people's right to be owned like cattle and to work for free.... Now those rights have been taken away.

The second in 1863 looked like a white flag of surrender at a distance which gave rise to the Confederate battle cry of "No Surrender!"

The third flag known as the "Blood-Stained Banner" went up in 1865 ... then the south surrendered.

Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia used the current flag but Lee distanced himself from all those arsehole flags as he might have called them, there were no flags at all flown at his funeral.

"A flag devised from oppression and defeat is not fit to wipe shit with." ~ General Robert E Lee 1865

From the middle of the 20th century the confederate flag grew in popularity, the deep south still had segregation and the KKK in every town. When in 1948 Strom Thurmond ran for president, on their platform was "We stand for the segregation of the races" if you remember correctly Thurmond shagged the help and had a black daughter which he kept a secret until he was dead and she was aged 78.

After black kids were allowed to attend white schools the confederate flag went up even more ... not for racist purposes but for um culture, yeah that's right.

In 1961 the Confederate battle flag was erected over the State House in South Carolina and then moved near a monuments for fallen soldiers giving it heritage protection and an over whelming vote needed to have it removed .... democracy in action.

After the Dylann Roof shootings which were found to be heritage related rather than racial the South Carolina Governor Robert Bentley ... a Republican had 4 Confederate flags taken down and Nikki Haley, also a Republican called for flag to be removed from the State capitol.  It's bad when the Republicans admit to being wrong. 

Ron White looks me up and down then questions my parentage and sexual preferences but Old Knudsen is there to talk flegs, a subject that Every Ulster man is familiar with.

"If we was racist would we have let black people die at the Alamo?" 

The Alamo is a prized cultural tourist attraction in Texas made famous by a John Wayne movie, only the Duke could turn a crushing defeat into a victory. Colonel James Bowie (during his Ziggy years) had a black woman who died there and a slave belonging to Lieutenant Colonel William Barrett Travis is thought to have been the only male to survive the attack in 1836.

While looking at me and using his lazy eye to watch everywhere else Ron noticed a couple of trouble makers enter the bar and grill that he had to ask to leave. It may be construed as being racist because they just happened to be black so I'm seeing his point here. You can't even beat up gheys or scrawl immigrants out on a house without someone calling hate crime.  

He went onto say.

"We value diversity in our southern states as long as they know their place and let us express our culture and heritage. I've even heard some Liberals and uppity Negroes saying that burning crosses on lawns is racist but it's just us expressing our religious freedoms, what are they Muslim or something?"
Mr White's logic is sound and based on olde time values like segregation and slavery which are not racist but rather traditional. Who are we to judge another culture? next you'll be saying that torturing dogs before eating them like the Chinese do is wrong but it's not, it's culture!

 Away from the drug dealing, terrorist side of the UVF is the history appreciating side. 

The people of Northern Ireland don't know their own history but they know that they like flegs if they piss somebody off. 

Northern Ireland's greatest export .... shit stirrers and bullies. 

I've heard all the excuses for flying alleged cultural flags and tradition is the best excuse ever. Slavery (itself a tradition) gave the US the tradition of the second amendment, Roots and Django Unchained so think twice before you go bagging on slavery and other cracker traditions.


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