Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Stormont Flag Outrage

Something odd seen flying over Stormont.

The corruption at FIFA, ISIS in Iraq and the the ceasefire in the Ukraine has been overshadowed by a more important story that everyone is talking about. The Union flag at the Stormont government building on the edge of Belfast was replaced by an Irish tricolour. 

For 15 minutes unionists ranted and raved and declared the end of times, Peter Robinson even had a few more heart attacks and Sammy Wilson's face went from fat farmer boy red to head explode rage red. 

Now the team of 23 police detectives were told have discovered through detective werk an such that a sinister and shadowy Irish separatist movement organisation called The 1916 Societies group were responsible for this heinous crime against humanity. 

If they can do this then they can do anything .... no I've never heard of them either, what the fuck happened at 7:16 pm that they name their group after it, did Jesus die then or something? .... oh it was that Easter egg rising thing of 1916, sorry, I was too busy fighting the Hun in Flanders then.   

It all makes sense, I bet it's those cunts who keep putting the tricolour on top of Protestant bonfires for the 11th July purge celebration. 
For years the innocent Loyalists who as we all know didn't do nothing got blamed for that, I bet they even threw bricks through their own windows and dressed as Loyalists (red white and blue track suits) to intimidate immigrants out of their homes as well.  

So for a united Ireland the IRA bombed and killed civilians, Protestant and Catholic alike and the 1916 group are pulling flag pranks to achieve a united Ireland .... and I thought the Loyalists were thick.

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