Friday, 12 June 2015

Same Sex Marriage Causes Divorce

Nick and Sarah Jensen are an Australian Christian couple who have been happily married for 10 years and have children.

They have said that if Australia legalizes ghey marriage they'll divorce in protest as ghey marriage undermines "our most sacred institution" but will still live together IN SIN so it's not as if they are really getting divorced.

Jesus never mentioned ghey marriage but he was certainly against divorce. 

Nothing like putting the frighteners on yer kids who see other parents getting divorced and how different things are, the couple say that things will not change but Nick will probably end up converting the garage for his bedroom/den and will have young female friends over now and again.

Sarah will continue her drinking and her constant berating of Nick who has not been a "real man" for years.    

So for the sanctity of marriage they are willing to divorce .... sounds like Northern Ireland Loyalist logic to me, 'we're Loyalists but refuse to obey the Queen's law.'  

Should we care about Nick and Sarah's fucked up living arrangement? Maybe they should have gotten divorced before they bred.

Remember when you were younger and you'd tell the person you were dating that if they broke up with you you'd kill yerself?  .... oh, just me then? Well this sounds like that. 

Same sex marriage does then cause straight couples to divorce, but only the stupid ones.

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