Thursday, 4 June 2015

Peter Robinson's Lifestyle Is An Abomination

The DUP leader Peter Robinson is out of the hospital after having 3 stents put into his heart after suffering a heart attack. He denies having an erectile dysfunction pump implanted into his scrotum and any bionic limbs. 

His party made the headlines because of their anti-ghey stance and their condemnation of the ghey lifestyle. Isn't it then ironic that Robinson himself has condemned his own lifestyle for his attacks? 

Late nights, fast food, no exercise and lots and lots of ghey porn .... ghey sex is what most Christians seem to think about. 

It would be ungentlemanly for Old Knudsen to bring up his wife's affair with a younger man who she financed to open a restaurant. They are a good Christian couple and the Bible never said anything about boy boy gurl being an abomination so back off. 

Old Knudsen is sure that this isn't God displaying his wraith at hypocrites that condemn others while being prideful, sinful and full of hate themselves. 

The DUP however have condemned Mr Robinson's lifestyle and say they cannot support a heterosexual lifestyle or any other form of sexual relationship as sex is sinful. 

Many in the DUP are Creationists who only permit dry humping and the accidental insemination through the cum stained gunty method. Seeing yer spouse naked is forbidden and to gaze upon naked genitals would surely condemn you to Hell.   

They urge Mr Robinson to repent and offer himself up for 50 lashes in Belfast's Corn Market and to tell them where his wife Iris is so she can be stoned. 


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