Saturday, 20 June 2015

Obama Lied To Further His Agenda

Obama is sad because he can't control the American people as much as he'd like to. Nine black people killed in a church in South Carolina by a young white racist terrorist. Time to reflect and to maybe slip in some gun control. Why not have gun control? Sorry Americans you abuse the right to own guns and you just can't be trusted .... You also can't be trusted with e-mails and phone calls eh Obama? 

She'll get well looked after in prison. 

When I saw a picture of Dylann Roof (the shooter) I thought of Adam Lanza, maybe it was the long skinny face and big eyes. Maybe it was the lack of decent hair cut. Is there a connection between bad hair and killing sprees?

   I don't know, you want me to look into it?

You'd think that if Obama was to get something like universal background checks when buying firearms passed he'd have gotten it after Sandy Hook. 20 children and 6 adults killed by Adam Lanza, that's a lot for one scrawny 20 year - old. 20 children for fucks sake, who the fuck stands up for the 2nd amendment after something like that? .... The gun lobby is very powerful.

As I covered before the 2nd amendment was originally to keep a well armed militia in order to crush any slave rebellions which really did scare the crap out of whitey back in the day. Saying it was to keep a well armed militia in case the government had to be overthrown again is a nice story. 

It's ironic then that the 2nd amendment allowed the murder of 9 black people. Old Knudsen loves guns and is a gun owner but seriously the assholes have spoiled it for the rest of us. Having a gun does make it easier to kill someone. The problem is that the genie is out of the bottle, you'll never regulate all the guns in the US and you'll never know who has what .... never!
Obama and Biden looked sad as Obama said things like this which is a total lie.

24th Febuary 2015 In the Czech Republic a man went on a shooting spree killing 9 including himself. 

On the 7 January 2015 two ragheads went into the offices of Charlie Hebdo and killed 11 people. Yes Obama never went over for that linked arm photo opportunity so maybe he just forgot about this. 

Ljubiša Bogdanović killed 14 people 9 April 2013 in a small Serbian village.

Anders Behring Breivik would like to remind Obama that he killed 69 people in Norway 22nd July 2011 and he would like a PS4 and some up to date games please as his PS3 violates his human rights and he hasn't got any cool games like Call of duty or GTA ...... fuck off Breivik. 

Derrick Bird, shot to death 12 people 2nd June 2010 in Cumbria .... England .... and we don't even have guns.

The Erfurt massacre in Germany 26 April 2002 had 19 year-old expelled student Robert Steinhäuser killing 17 including himself.

The Dunblane school massacre in 1996 which killed 16 children, one teacher and the creep himself led to the banning of handguns in the UK .... it's not as if we even like our kids that much but it still happened.   

Oh no Obama, we never have mass violence. You could say 'Oh Obama meant that the US has more than' .... well he didn't fucking say that, the manipulative fucker. 

In 2012 alone there 69 deaths in the US due to shooting sprees, one at a Sikh temple and one attack that targeted 5 black men and of course the 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook. It was a good year for ammunition sales.   

To correct you Obama, this shit happens everywhere, if they don't have guns they'll use knives or hammers ... guns do make is easier and you can get a higher body count if you plan it well. 

On 1st March 2014 eight knife-wielding men killed 29 men and women at a railway station in China. Of course China is the place that has festivals to eating dogs and think that torturing them before hand to scare them makes the meat more tender .... not a very advanced country so fuck em eh?  

Guns don't kill people, dickheads with guns do, just as cars don't kill people, inanimate objects are harmless ... unless it gets A.I. and then we're all fucked.

I wouldn't give up my guns or volunteer the information to the government as to what I had because I'm probably not going to go on a shooting spree and what business is it of the government what I have? Just like how I don't think they should be reading my e-mails and tracking the porn sites I visit. 
Keep yer nose out of it Obama and get fixing the economy, education and healthcare systems.... And stop sending troops to die in the Middle East, it just isn't worth it.  Elliot Rodger killed 6 people in 2014 and he was receiving expensive psychiatric treatment, sometimes there is just no stopping the crazies and he has stabbed 3 of his victims.  Shit happens everywhere dude.   

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