Monday, 22 June 2015

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This issue of Vanity Time has Bruce Caitlyn Jenner showing you how to upstage Kim in three easy steps. Now she has a vagina of color will anyone want to see it? ... "Next week I'm going to convert to Islam, I have a beautiful prayer rug picked out ... lol!" 

Rachel Dolezal says that those crackers in Montana claiming to be her biological parents only have DNA, photos and medical records which is no proof whatsoever.

Snoop Washington (formerly Trevor Patterson) tells of his inner turmoil at being a wigger. He identifies himself as being black but faces racism and ridicule everyday when he hangs with his homies in his Rodeo Drive hood, not even the police hassle him, "I'm a victim of white privilege ... ight." 

Todd Sidebottom says, "help, I have too many guns" Todd loves guns, rock'n'roll and fish tacos and has been taking anti-depressants for 2 years and is responding well to therapy. "I'm working through my mother issues and now I see I was never to blame for how she treated my brother better, I just hope that none of my guns start shooting people."  

In 2014 guns killed over 100 million people in the US. Charlton Heston who was the King of the NRA had guns in his home and a neighbour of Leonard Nimoy from Star Wars also owned a gun ... Coincidence?
No one will investigate those high profile deaths but what can you expect when Washington has a powerful gun lobby? Should Washington have a lobby strictly for guns? 
Next month in Vanity Time!

What does Jon Snow actually know? and wet floors, the silent killer.

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