Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Big Ghey American Wedding

It's great news that the supreme court in the US has made ghey marriage legal in all 50 states. Great news for blokes wanting to marry other blokes and even better news for wedding planners and divorce lawyers.

We here at Knudsen and Knudsen attorneys at law will fight for you. yer loved one wants custody of the wee African you adopted together? .... well we can tear doon their reputation and even frame them for a crime if you wish, anything to win cos that is what it's about.

Knudsen and Knudsen

Established in 1983 an old wank sock became sentient and got a law degree and now we fight for you!

Want to keep yer tastefully decorated home? We can't blame you, 80% of our cases have a 40% success rate in favour of 8% of our clients ... we don't do no math, we do LAW!

Did that special other go from being yer twin flame to being that bitch in a boa? We can intimidate or vanish them to a government experimentation center .... because we can!

Sure some cunts like the governors in Louisiana and Texas are trying to pressure their counties not to wed gheys, they will be visited by the angel of death as God loves fags!

 Warning, this is really Old Knudsen, put yer hands where I can see them.

Let Knudsen and Knudsen take you on yer journey of wedded bliss by planning yer wedding and then taking sides with the person with the most money for yer divorce. We'll even vet yer partner with a honey trap to see if they are likely to cheat ...  Who couldn't resist the wit an charm and purdy mouth of Old Knudsen?

If gheys want marriage then they'll have to accept divorce too as written by Jesus in the Bible. If you aren't jaded and cynical enough to hire Old Knudsen to fight for you in court then just hire him to fight for you at parties .... all the big Hollywood A-listers are doing it like John Cryer and Clint Howard, I will bite off a hobo's ear for YOU! 


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