Monday, 29 June 2015

Loyalists Are Arson Around

If you laugh at the fact that a bonfire in the centre of Belfast .... aye the capital city in the 21st century was set on fire prematurely then you get called a Fenian or Republican, well Old Knudsen is laughing at yer fleggory misfortune.

Look at the effort it takes to make these things, the pallets that are begged borrowed and stolen from all over. Those blue pallets belong to a company that makes a loss every year but what are you to do when the police and the law are biased and toothless?

A big fuss was made because it was set on fire before the traditional 11th July night and it caused a disruption so the police were angry. If you set a giant bonfire on fire in the centre of Belfast it's arson, when you do it on the 11th July it's culture!

Loyalists have a long tradition of being arson loving drug dealing bullies, it's their culture and heritage, you can trust their Fenian counterparts just as much, both sides are criminals with unrealistic ideas who will stop at nothing to achieve them .... but the Loyalists are dumb as fuck and embarrassing in their self-entitled ways, the English never get on like that.

When the little Fleggers who spent weeks under the instruction of a paramilitary hood community worker, ditching school so they could pile a load of wood onto some pram wheels dragging it around the local businesses shouting, "hey mister, got any wood for the boney?" saw their work go up in flames did tears stream doon their snot covered faces as they asked, "Billy, why would somebody do this?" 
Here is yer answer you little shit, 'some men just want to watch the pallets burn.'  


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