Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ian Paisley Used His Words To Kill

Paisley walking away from the burning wreck known as Northern Ireland.

Sir James Galway the renowned classical flautist originally from Belfast but now lives the life in Switzerland returned to Northern Ireland for a concert and to tells us what our problem is. His werds about Loyalism and the late Rev Ian Paisley seem to have struck a few nerves and issues.  

"How many people do you think he was responsible for killing indirectly by planting the thoughts of violence and no surrender in the heads of people who had no more sense? I'm sure he was (responsible), because he wasn't exactly preaching 'let's all live together', was he?"

"I never admired Paisley, ever, because I think he was on paper a man of God but in reality I don't think he was. I mean, how could you justify setting one side against another?"

 He's quite good on the skin flute too.

Was Paisley even a minister of God? He called the Pope the anti-Christ, I'd call him a pedo enabling misogynist (any of them) but I don't think he even knew what an anti-Christ was. It's in the Bible somewhere, maybe ya should have read it ya bigoted cunt knocker. Doing a correspondence course from the open university of Nigeria doesn't make you a minister. Old Knudsen is a life minister because the Interwebs says so ... that shit is real unlike Paisley's dodgy credentials.  

Paisley called for action against everything Catholic, there have been UVF members who credit Paisley with encouraging them on the road to violence. Paisley was also very anti-ghey with the 'Save Ulster from Sodomy' campaign .... then he bent over, sold out and went into government with Sinn Fein. He licked the green shaft and swallowed the potato flavoured gravy.

Galway who was knighted in 2001 also complained about British rule in Northern Ireland and wants Ireland to be one .... Ok now he's talking shite. If Ireland was soo good then why is he living in richville Switerland rather than butt fuck Ireland? 

The Irish don't want us and can't afford us because we do nothing but drain resources. The British don't want us but they are stuck with us. Being a part of the UK is good for us so fuck away back to Switerland or Galway and hand back yer knighthood if Britain has been so bad for you.       

"Wouldn't you say it is immoral for one country to take over another country just because the other country is not so well armed?" he asked. "Wouldn't you think that was immoral? Well, let me put this to you - would you not think that 800 years ago what the British did was immoral and is still immoral?"

800 years ago? Firstly the Normans were invited to Ireland to help the ousted King of Leinster, you don't invite the devil to dinner and cry foul when he eats all the sides. 
The Normans or Anglo-Normans were a warlike people descended from Vikings, of course they are going to take over, it's what they did, they intermarried and built alliances and castles. Get the fuck over it Galway, all the true Irish fled north and over to Scotland because of the numerous other invasions from Gaul .... aye blame the British on everything. 

Blame St Patrick for killing the druids and turning the Celts into sandal wearing pussies. Keeping the heads of yer enemies is tradition for my people but oh no, St Patrick didn't like that .... so unhygienic this is what the Romans did blah blah garlic blah.  

Northern Ireland is no longer the British-occupied part of Ireland as Galway still thinks, it's moved on and passed the point of being occupied to being what it is .... Northern Ireland.

Centuries of people being born here without a southern Irish identity and almost 100 years of British rule, we aren't Ireland and we aren't Britain, we are fucking special window lickers who can't come up with an identity of their own without a riot.    

Paisley did lead to deaths indirectly with his words and his hate filled sermons, he even tried to rewrite history shortly before his death and was called on his bullshit then. I have no respect for him, he got his and fucked us all. Galway is 100% there. 

Northern Ireland can no longer be a part of Ireland, time for some realism here. Just like how Scarlett Johansson is no longer as hot as she was, no it isn't because she had a baby or has gotten older, it's because she has fucked Sean Penn .... there is no coming back from that, now she is just normal hot.  

Try shagging her without thinking, 'Sean Penn was all over this' it's fucking difficult, believe me. 

Northern Ireland has fucked Britain and has its name tattooed on its neck, no one wants us, even the Game of thrones people think Belfast is boring as fuck, you never hear the people on the TV show Vikings complaining about being stuck down south in 'real' Ireland. 

Galway lived here during the Troubles so he can talk about Paisley but he gave up the right to talk about a united Ireland when he took a knighthood and when he moved away, like all those Boston Irish pining for the homeland but they aren't dumb enough to move there.  

Top 'O' the mornin, now fuck aff before I deck ya.


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