Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hate Makes The World Go Around

Moneyshots on slappers and hot sass on kittens, big booty weemen and kickin yer shit in, KFC gravy and Lord of the rings, these are a few of my favourite things.

Strong Irish whiskey, hate crimes and buckets of crack .... etc etc.

You know me by now, if it's bad for you, illegal or just a social taboo then you know Old Knudsen has it as a hobby.
I've already told you how to conceal a can of beer inside a coke can and tell yer bosses that you need the sugar for yer diabeetes, you can also use that excuse to shoot up too, it's me insulin dude. Well if you get one of those e-cigarettes and adapt it to just be a tube with a light on it you can smoke in those places that ban fegs but haven't banned vaping yet.   

Old Knudsen is so here for you.

It takes more muscles and effort to smile and be perky than it does to frown so who gives a fuck what I like? It's what I don't like that makes me write on this blog. Hate makes the werld go round and it makes me hard. Hate is my emotional Viagra.

Some of the things Old Knudsen hates are frowned upon ... good, cos people smiling all the time and agreeing is creepy .... unless they are agreeing with Old Knudsen cos then that makes them right.

   That is so wonderful!

I hate people who only look on the bright side or worse still hippies who go on about respecting all living beings. 'I look on the bright side because I'm in denial and don't want to face my issues' or 'You need to respect all living things which is why I don't eat meat' .... then they rip apart a Lettuce's head. 

Vegetarians are often mentally unstable, many people who werk in I.T. are vegetarian, or Satanists. Being mentally unstable has probably something to do with their diet, there are a few cool vegetarians who don't preach or condemn you for eating a burger just as there are some Christians who don't try to talk you into their Middle Eastern weirdy woo bullshit.

When you die you'll be rewarded in Heaven. Christianity is the ultimate Nigerian scam, if you send me yer details and $200 I'll send you $5 million. 

If vegetables were cute and had big brown eyes would they eat them? Yer hoose plants cry in silence when you have a salad you know, what kind of cunt eats plants in front of living plants? No wonder house plants choose to die all the time. Every time I had smoked kippers me goldfish died, the horror they must have felt like Bob in The walking dead watching those people eating his leg right in front of him.

Do vegetarians condemn tigers when they eat meat? 

Kim in Ebola.

I also hate the Kardashians. Kim used to be attractive and I cared about her huge arse but then we got to see more and more of her and now she just makes me want to punch her .... in the arse.  Kanye was someone you wanted to punch anyways but now he designs gog awful fashions and pretends to look sad everything a camera is around. 
Now Bruce Jenner is a chick and people say I have to like him now or I'm being anti-transgender, away an fuck!
Just like if I criticize Israel I'd get called anti-Semitic or if I say that black people rioting are thugs then I'm a racist .... Can I no just slag off wankers without people thinking I'm in someway bigoted? I'm bigoted against arseholes that's what .... oh I've got white privilege. I'm no better than you because I'm white, it's because I'm just better than you .... Learn to deal fuck face.   

Chris Kyle was an amateur, I shot more men weemen and children than I can remember.  

Being ex-military if I slag of Loyalist fleggers in Northern Ireland I'd get called a Republican (IRA type) sympathizer, course they don't hear me saying I'm against a united Ireland cos they ain't got no time for logic or reason.  You can't control how others think of you so fuck em. They don't know me or my ability to not be blinkered in my opinions.   Loyalists only like dead soldiers that they can use for their own agenda, they make me sick. The Republicans that made those soldiers dead also disgust me.
It pissed me off that Prince Harry said we should have national service back in the UK, that's the draft to you Americans. Take people out of their early adult life when they should be thinking about a career and force them to be in the military for 2 years. Not only will they be resentful at leaving their life and maybe their young spouse and family but they'll be counting down the days to leave and when they eventually become of some use to the military they leave. It takes a lot of money to train a recruit. 

Prince Harry thinks it's what young ones need to keep them out of trouble. He comes from a place of privilege and a life handed to him on a sliver platter, he didn't earn it. Unlike many he went to college and has a cushy military life seeing the world and doing things normal soldiers don't do .... does he even soldier bro? Then when he leaves he gets a knighthood from the Queen, his granny. 

If others were given his opportunities in the military then hell yeah, sign me up again. Will I get a castle too? Prince Harry needs to fuck off and go be ginger somewhere else.  

Conscription works for Israel because that was a nation formed by terrorists who have been at war since before it was a nation. Einstein turned down being in charge and was against the whole idea so that should tell you something.
They have no interest in peace until their enemies are wiped out and want more breathing room though do they keep taking pictures of hot IDF chicks so fuck all that I just said, I love Israel. Let me introduce you to Mr foreskin, you'll learn to love him as I do. 
I hate Liberals who are too Liberal .... I hate Conservatives who are too Nazi like. When you define how you think and what yer opinion will be by being either of these and saying things like, 'a poor innocent unarmed man was gunned down by a killer cop' .... you limit yerself. The unarmed bloke (Dillon Taylor) who had nervous cops pointing guns at him reached under his shirt to provoke a reaction and so he was shot dead.
A weeping pussy Liberal condemns it, a no facts Conservative says he was asking for it. Old Knudsen looks at the video and says how fucking stupid was he? Yeah lets make sudden movements when people have guns pointed at you. Unarmed and dead doesn't make you automatically right.

A wise person accepts that they don't know everything and that there is always something to learn. At first I was against Edward Snowden because giving away government secrets is treason but it wasn't secrets that could jeopardize lives in the field, it wasn't a NOC list of spies, it was the government spying on it's own people, the government shouldn't be doing that. He told the American people what they were doing with Microsoft and Facebook at the cost of his own freedom.

Now I think that Snowden is a hero, Assange can still go fuck himself though .... with or without consent.

I dislike knee jerk hatred towards Obama. Don't hate him for being a Democrat or for being black, hate him for promising hope and change and giving the US the same old shite. He has let everyone down.
I also hate those who unconditionally love him, did you not see what Snowden said? Have you not been seeing the US support of ISIS? Those journalists beheaded, they were just a part of the whole  Obama admin cover story to be in Syria.
The UK gave the US details of a hostage and the US still did nothing. They bomb empty cities and other targets in Syria that only get targeted if they are targets that will hurt Assad ... Why are ISIS taking over big parts of Iraq again? Because the US is too busy in Syria.  

Why is the US in Syria? Oh it's to hunt ISIS, like how Bush was in Iraq to hunt WMD's. 

He didn't repeal the Patriot act ... he renamed it the Freedom act, just like he renamed the war on terror Overseas Contingency Operation and how killing people with bombs is now kinetic action.

If you love Obama and think he's great then yer just as dumb as those who loved G W Bush. Don't get me started about Ukraine, the US have been undermining the Russians long before they invaded Ukraine. If there is a war in 2020 as I have predicted it will be because the US has been goading Russia and Hilary has been a part of that undermining as Secretary of State so think about the war she'll be promoting if she becomes preez.

Old Knudsen doesn't know everything but he'll get there, he refuses to go with the crowd because the crowd is fucking dumb and use peer pressure as an argument.

So to break it doon I hate: Christians and veggies and Kim and her family. People who stick to their side no matter what they do, royals and knee jerks, Obama and manipulation .... these are a few of my most hated things.

Bobble headed dolls, reality shows, sports, Necromancers, touchscreens and of course lemurs.    

I hate that feeling you get when you go to an automatic door and it doesn't open for a split second, even the doors troll you. 'You don't have a soul so I won't open, you don't even register as a person, what you going to do use the handle? .... there are no handles.'
You get a flashback to the school bully who mocked you or yer parent who said you'd never amount to anything. Well I have a blog now so who is laughing now? .... Certainly not my readers. 

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