Monday, 8 June 2015

Game Of Walkers

Hey Carl, where's Olly?

Game of thrones went from being a medieval soft porn show to a medieval zombie show. The lack of soft porn the show has now has been noted. Why can't we have both, a medieval soft porn zombie show? Sounds like a winner to me. The naked chicks seem to have been replaced with the need to hurry up and tell the story :::yawn:::: Instead of zombies that want brains can we not have sex crazed ones? 
On Game of thrones the zombies can still wield their weapons so why can't we have zombies who just want to fuck yer brains out? 
I know the khaleesi is too good to get her baps out now but what about Jon Snow getting butt fucked by a walker .... a white walker of course. You'd be insane not to want to see that. 

I do pine for the good ol days when Game of thrones rape scenes happened in front of the camera and led to a happy marriage, now they happen off camera and Sansa just doesn't appreciate Ramsay's inner qualities.... ungrateful bitch.  

I get it, winter is coming and the white wankers have an army of undead .... what is their motivation? Don't tell me they want the iron throne too. That throne seems like a load of trouble to me, people paying the gold price for an iron throne. Maybe they'll bring back all the Starks, Joffrey and yer Ros chick ....  I miss them all. Except Shae, shae was annoying, did you know she was a porn star before Game of thrones?  

One thing that Old Knudsen has learned from Zombie shows and movies, when there is a gap in a door or a wall and someone looks through it, you'll get a jump scare when a zombie appears all of a sudden. 

You know nothing Jon Snow .... oh look, a magical sword how convenient, fuck that, I want to see how the giant gets on and off the boats.

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