Monday, 15 June 2015

Drone Strike Kills Facebook User


Jay Arnold sat alone drinking in his single bedroom apartment in New Jersey, he watched Fox news because he likes to stay well informed.
After a piece about foodstamps that claimed that 87% of foodstamp recipients are fat, lazy criminals he went to his laptop and signed in to Facebook.
He couldn't take out his frustrations on his ex wife and that cunt Jeff who had replaced him as the father of his children so he looked for a meme that insulted foodstamps users ... an easy target for his passive aggressive impotent rage.

Why was Jeff sooo fucking perfect anyways? 

2,000 miles away at a secret location airman Wallis a drone operator had time to look at Facebook on his phone. In a moment of anger he diverted an armed drone patrolling the Texan skies north to New Jersey and fired 2 hellcat missiles into Arnold's apartment.

"I just saw red, my momma got ill and lost her job and home, she needs foodstamps just to survive as her new part-time cleaning job doesn't pay much. My wife and I also require food assistance, we go to the Operation Homefront pantry, sure it feels like begging and is embarrassing but we have a son with special needs and live paycheck to paycheck, we know many other military families and veterans struggling to put food on the table and gas in their cars. We don't need ass-hats like Arnold making us feel even worse, I don't even know why we're friends on Facebook, if I knew him in real life I'd probably punch his smug condescending face in, I have no regrets!"   

Don't feed them or they become dependent ... like animals at a park. 

The number of serving military and veterans needing food assistance continues to increase. When you insult foodstamp recipients ... that's people who are poor enough to qualify as it isn't a fucking luxury lifestyle choice, you are insulting the people that defend yer freedom to be a loud mouthed bragging dickhead and you are also insulting their families, friends and many sick and disabled people .... you feel like a big man now Arnold? Just remember, there are plenty of drones out there for all the other patronizing, judgmental, know nothing asswipes.


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