Monday, 15 June 2015

Black Is Black I Want My Baby Back .... Ribs


Orange is the new black.

 Rachel Dolezal is a proud African/American with a touch of white and Native American, she is an expert on African-American culture and gives lectures on it. If Al Jazeera want to know about police violence against blacks then they ask her.     
She is also the head of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington that's the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in case you didn't know, a civil rights group with a racist name.

Yeah that sounds fucking crazy considering the slagging Benedict Cumberbatch got for saying coloured.

 I miss white dog shit.

Well I haven't got to the fucking crazy part yet. Ms Dolezal who prefers to be called black rather than African/American is as white as the dog shit you'd see in the 70's and 80's.

Her parents who are very white (neither have an ass) became estranged when she started to want to be called Cunti-kinty .... only kidding but they did grow apart as she became more and more black and made up more crazy shit. Her parents adopted a couple of 'real' black kids and one of them she passed off as being her son. She even went to a historically black university and married a black dude in 2000.   
 Yeah we're pretty sure our daughter is white.
She's a mix of Swedish, German and Czech, maybe some Native American but they don't know  .... so she's kinda nuts. She reminds me of the chick from Soul man who didn't see black and white only shades of grey and sympathized with the black struggle for freedom just cos she wanted black cock.

Kim Kardashian has had more black in her.  

     I'm so white it hurts, check out my crappy dancing. 

What is the big deal? She identifies with black culture and supports the black struggle to be treated equally. Maybe when growing up she tanned and looked black compared to all the other crackers in her native Montana or Whitopia as Dolezal would call it.

 Hi there, black lives matter!

If Old Knudsen dyed his hair and slapped on the bronze tan and said he was black, "yo what up big G?" you wouldn't have a problem because it's for a good cause .... the cause of my people who struggled in chains, go see 12 years a slave, that was my life growing up. Ach you don't understand.

Some (like NAACP) think that we shouldn't be focusing on this as there are more worthy things to debate while others say they want to turn white to avoid police beatings. If Rachel Dolezal can do it, so can I and only a white person gets so much attention for being black.

Lying to get a job is expected, resumes are just guidelines for what should have happened in yer life had you studied or in her case had black parents.  Since Old Knudsen is old, all that grade inflation and the feel good liberal everyone is a winner crap didn't exist so I inflate me own grades .... ach from nothing the only way is up so a D in asstrofizzics is better than not having taken the subject.  

She looks better with a fake tan and dark frizzy hair. 

The Internet was quick to mock. Like how Bruce Jenner plucked her eyebrows on the way
shaved her legs and then he was a she .... named Caitlyn they asked if she was now Transracial. If she has a sex change or if Caitlyn decided to be black they'd be a shoe in for all the affirmative action jobs.
If Bruce Jenner can be Caitlyn by saying he is then she can be black right? They both changed their appearance but Bruce doesn't have that extra chromasome and she doesn't have the DNA, I think the difference is that she tried to fool people.
With Baltimore's HAWT! State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, I'd give her a pearl necklace.

I think she should be given an award for courage, it's not easy being a white woman trapped in a black woman's body. She is of course not owning up and is saying how she doesn't care what people think.... We think yer cray cray. 
I won't say no to being trapped inside her body after she goes on meds that is, crazy weemen are so unattractive when they know where you sleep. 

Oh and she called a black dude her father on the Spokane NAACP's Facebook page ... not father in-law, not father figure but father, then there were her childhood memories. She remembered hunting food with bow and arrow, beatings with a  "baboon whip" and living inside a Montana tepee. Her son sibling denies any child abuse or whippings just for being black.

Her parents don't remember this but she does, her struggle is etched into the skin of her back like a road map of pain .... except there are no marks.  

 Oh c'mon, that's it, I'm gonna take tanning pills and get a college scholarship. What are they supposed to be, the X-men? Cosplay is weird.  

Did she make up the 9 instances of hate crimes against her? The last one was a package with death threats in it, the post office said that it wasn't time stamped and could have only gotten into her P.O. box was if it had been placed there by a post office employee or by someone who had the P.O. Box key.
The police are investigating but I bet I know how it got there.   

It's funny how many people are standing by the psycho hose beast known liar with obvious mental issues but I suspect that all her credibility for minorities has gone.... Of course this is America where you can be a crack head, apologise for getting caught and then get reelected to public office.   

No one would have taken a white chick seriously for the work she does and now they won't because she lied. You can lead in the NAACP without being black ya know.

Any other fakers out there? What about you Colin Powell .... pronounced Colon by the way, must be a black thing if you fall for that 'I'm black' crap. I'm not sure I believe anyone now. Has Obama been black facing himself ? I've always been suspect about Halle Berry.

Bo Derek, another proud woman of colour. The only black bone in her body was the one Bill Cosby put in her when she had a nap at his hoose .... Ka-Chow! Racist rape jokes for the win. 

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