Monday, 8 June 2015

Are The UDA Simply The Best?

It's that time of the year in Northern Ireland where the authorities who have been ignoring the sectarian murals all year now turn a blind eye to the Loyalist paramilitary flags criminal gang colours being flown from every lamp post to mark their territory like a dog pissing on a tree  on the run up to the 12th July annual shit stirring Protestant cultural celebration.

The story of Tina Turner's people not being able to legally force the UDA from using the 'simply the best' motto is well enough known, that works because no one takes charge or denies they are in charge. They may get some attention seeking patsy to look like they are in charge as a distraction.

 Jamie Bryson professional UVF patsy playing Angry prods on his phone.

Kanye West does have something to say though, "Let me stop you there for a moment, I think we can all agree that as terrorist organizations go the Loyalist ones have never been very good, even the IRA were better but as for the best, ISIS is the obvious best."  

He has a point. Who makes millions on captured oil refineries? Who has armies running away and leaving all their cool, expensive and up to date American equipment behind? Who has people from all over the world traveling to join them?

If anyone traveled to join the UDA or any other Northern Ireland criminal scumbag drug dealing group it would only be brain damaged Scots from Glasgow who never had a life anyways and were running from Scottish sectarian gangs for trying to sell drugs on their turf.


ISIS maybe goat fucking rapists (as far as we know the UDA only rape their own children) but they are media savvy and way better educated than the Loyalist M8's with their courage fueled by alcohol.
When was the last time Obama made a speech specifically about the UDA? I'm sorry but most of the world doesn't know what UDA, UVF or UFF are, yer all Irish to them. Even many Americans think that IRA is an individual retirement account .... no way the best in any shape or form.

It's like someone with low self esteem telling themselves in the mirror, "I am important, I do matter" before they leave the hoose with their chest puffed out past their beer gut.

Even  Al-Qaeda are better than Northern Ireland terrorist gangs, even the Khorosan group are better and they were made up by the Obama administration just to scare the public for fucks sake.

Kanye called it, you are simply lame.


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