Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Naked Hairy Fetish Post

Old Knudsen always welcums e-mails from his fans, here is one picked out at random. 

Dear Old Fucker

Wot is up wit your blog? it used 2B cool with tits and ho bags showing there fannys and now i have 2 go onto real porn sites for a wank. 

hav U gon ghey?

Mark Wilson aged 9


Well young Mark, thank you for yer e-mail. Old Knudsen likes pics that say something and not just for titillation though he'll post those too if he is blogging with one in the chamber. No I have not gone ghey .... in the past week but I'm werking on it, thank you for asking. Here are some pictures that I hope have something for everyone.

If Old Knudsen was to have a sex change he'd like to look like this but hairier.

 Yes I do like to lure you in with some hotties before I turn it up a little.

This lass calls herself Lady Government and she does not use lube.

I like my coffee black and strong, the same way I like my weemen .... that is a lie, I don't like coffee at all.

Or a damaging deep cell tan will do the trick.

The ladies have to be catered for too, they love a man in a kilt and with nipple rings.

Real men have curves.

Any Ballymena beys reading? .... As if someone from Ballymena could read, luckily I have pictures.

Don't you know that it's different for gurls .... If Old Knudsen did this you'd hear about the clogged up drain for a week.

Win a race and humiliate a chick .... sponsored by misogyny. The peer pressure of having to stand there and take or you won't get paid.

Maybe dead people are yer thing, I likes it when they lay still.

A chick with a dick because God made them that way.

Nothing wrong with meat on a stick.

And end with an anti-climax.

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