Thursday, 21 May 2015

Why we Vote

Leonard Beattie stood amongst the 3.9 million Ukip voters in the UK and voted for the Green party, he just recently died from a broken heart after hearing the election results.

Weird things have been happening in the UK with the majority of people voting for more Tory action with the rest either voting Labour or Green because it's anything but Tory or the protest vote of voting Ukip. The Liberal Democrats and Labour in Scotland were shown the door.

Voting for Ukip is like staying in an abusive relationship, trying not to see any faults and pretending that everything is fine. I'm dating a white supremacist triple murderer on parole but he's down to earth so it'll be good.

Do people do the right thing? 

I hope the ghey marriage referendum in Ireland becomes the exception but people do not vote based on doing the right thing. Using the argument if you vote this yer supporting equality sort of thing doesn't work ... many don't care as doing the right thing should come with terms and conditions and maybe some form of payment.

What's in it for me? or I have mine I'm alright. 

Political parties don't care, they shift and move with the environment. Ukip in Northern Ireland is against ghey marriage, gheys in general and certainly against abortion for weemen ... 3.9 million voters in the UK can't be wrong, right?

What those 3.9 million voted for was something other than Conservative but not Liberal. The Ukip manifesto has loads of popular promises that would appeal to the everyday life of the common pleb ... of course how could they possibly deliver?

They would have lower income people paying less or no taxes, well off people paying more taxes and somehow make big corporations pay their fair share of taxes ..... you can tell who they are trying to appeal to and it's not people who know anything about finance.

No tax on building repairs or sanitary products .... quirky but popular yet again.

They want to leave the EU and make it harder for immigrants to settle here.

20,000 more nurses 8,000 more doctors and 3,000 midwives from thin air because it's popular.

Loads of other promises like free parking at hospitals, paying more carer's allowance, triple prison sentences for animal cruelty, supporting the fishing industry by letting catch as much as they want, tax breaks for pubs and reversing the smoking ban, no votes for criminals, end multi lingual formatting on documents, remove funding promoting multiculturalism, a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, restore the military to 2010 levels, keep our Trident nuclear subs, build 1 million new homes in 5 years, give medals to all veterans, build homes and give jobs to veterans .... all very nice for the common pleb who don't like thinkin.

No bring back hanging for pedos?  

Aren't you supposed to moan and groan more? 

No sex education for primary school children, let them figure it out from porn like the rest of us. Yes Old Knudsen did rent out ghey porn by mistake ... uh yeah, a total mistake.

Of course then there is the Ukip support of fracking and bringing back the coal industry .... very forward thinking and environmentally friendly.

3.9 million people voted for Ukip, a party that likes to stagnate in the past and is against ghey marriage and abortion ... oh but that is just in Northern Ireland right? ... like I said, people won't do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing but Hitler Ukip has gotten it right in blaming others.
If you have someone else to blame such as Liberals and Immigrants then the people are most likely to vote for you because fear and anger is a more powerful tool to use, especially in a dissatisfied population.

Britain First the racist neo-Nazi group of tossers endorsed Ukip for the election so that should tell you something right there. I'm sure the EDL and other so-called patriot groups voted Ukip too.

If you enjoy pub life, aren't told too much about the real world and don't care about it, think yer children should grow up like you and that flying a flag makes you patriotic then you've found yer people.

Tomorrow when Ireland votes for or against ghey marriage I suggest you vote for it, not because equality is the right thing to do but because it will make the gheys fucking miserable as soon as they get yon ring on and their same sex spouse gets fat.   

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