Tuesday, 19 May 2015

When Harry Met Charlotte

Prince Harry has finally met his niece Princess Charlotte. The latest royal baby was born while Harry was on a four-week party attachment to the Australian Defence Force.

Meeting up at Strangefellows nightclub the prince put off doing some coke and getting naked until he had met with his niece.

"She couldn't really do much I wasn't very impressed."

He then said that she should be put into military training as soon as possible to give her some character and loads of medals because if he hadn't of joined the military he'd be hot wiring yachts and mugging old aged counts ..... we think he said counts, the music was very loud.

William and Kate have bought the copyright to the nickname 'Charlotte the harlot' so the Sun newspaper couldn't use it when she became a teenager. They have also bought the rights to 'Georgy Porgy' for their firstborn too. 


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