Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Vote For Anyone Else

So it's voting tomorrow, I don't need to say that if you vote DUP, TUV or UUP that yer supporting bigotry and are a part of the problem .... that should be pretty clear by now.

If you vote Ukip then just stop wasting my air please ....  Ukip leader David McNarry will be voting against all attempts to - "redefine marriage or liberalise abortion law in Northern Ireland." 

If you are female, ghey or both and you vote for these parties, yer too dumb to save because they hate what YOU stand for and want to keep you as second class citizens.  

If for some reason you vote Conservative .... you aren't using yer head and just think that Cameron looks like a proper Prime Minister and that Ed Miliband  reminds you of Mr Bean which is fair enough I suppose. Lets vote for anyone but the self-entitled right wing twats .... trust me on this, Old Knudsen wouldn't steer you wrong. If he ran the werld it would be a better place, this shite is a doddle as long as you don't fuck it up. 

  Cum and marvel over God's creation.

Paul McLean from the DUP in Mid Ulster, said he took the 'biblical perspective' when looking at issues such as homosexuality and marriage equality because all that thinking and forming opinions really does hurt yer head.  

"The biblical perspective speaks against it, and I take the biblical perspective, I don’t agree with the process, but I have no issue with the people. It goes against the bible’s stance - so I don’t believe it should be legal."

He has no problem with gheys he just doesn't think they deserve equal rights and has expressed his personal view that homosexuality should be made illegal again though the DUP have said that they are not promoting that policy as of this time even though its party leader has said that homosexuality was against Christian teachings.

McLean said:  

"As a Christian who believes in the stance of the bible I believe it (homosexuality) is morally wrong. It is spiritually wrong and I don’t think it should be legal."

He then said:

"I believe that those people are human beings and need to be treated as such."

I'm pretty sure that this shows he has an issue with the people, I'm surprised he didn't say 'those' people.Yeah hey I don't have any problem with black people I just think that slavery is good, they had slaves in the Bible you know.

The last bit in no way makes up for what he is saying, like most of the Bible it is contrary. However he didn't say that all human beings should be treated with respect by him, he was just stating a half arsed fact. Like Jims Wells telling the two leezers that their lifestyle was an abomination and then trying to apologise, that right there is classic abuse tactics.  

I wonder what other things McLean he has gone to the Bible in order to get a perspective for. If only he'd actually read the Bible instead of having what to think given to him by people who have read it with their own agenda in mind. 

A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.  ~ Oscar Wilde

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