Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Prince Harry Calls For The Draft


Prince Harry the spare to the throne loves to run around with a rifle and take pot shots at fuzzies and thinks that everyone should try it. 

“I dread to think where I'd be without the Army. Bring back National Service - I've said that before."

Without military service and a harsh grandmother he'd probably be high on coke, naked with some hookers on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean .... just like any bloke.

 2012 in Vegas .... while he was still in the military. 

Harry is just like any other bloke, he went to Eton, then Sandhurst, loves playing polo. In the military (as an officer) he has been trained to drive tanks and fly helicopters, train with Australian special forces, train in Callyfornia and Arizona as any soldier is allowed to do.  

In Afghanistan he helped the Gurkhas repel a Tallyban attack .... the Gurkhas were not aware that they needed help but it's a better story than making sure he wasn't in any real danger during his tours of duty.

Even when the Tallyban captured him they made sure he was treated with respect and given full room service privileges as they would any prisoner. He made his escape during a Tallyban performance of the sound of music and was given 10 medals, 4 surfs and a castle.   

Prince Harry shot his first fuzzy aged 7. 

Harry is leaving the Military after 10 years to work with conservation groups in Africa. I'd actually seen this job being advertised at the job market but they wanted qualifications, his lower grade a-levels in Geography and art probably clinched it for him. 

Oh and he has the qualification of being born into the right family. That makes him better than everyone else. The recent letters from Prince Charles that were made public shows that royals really do know better than everyone else. Look after farm animals, Patagonian toothfish, Albertrosses, soldiers but fuck the badgers and replace national healthcare with aromatherapy and vitamins the prince just happen to have invested in.   

Many join the military with the promise of money towards university but these days they are more likely to get killed or invalided out before they collect on that.... or fired in rounds of cuts.  Mental health services and veteran support is something that many vets would just be happy with, I'm sure Prince Harry is getting plenty of support. 

The UK is heading towards a tiny military but with loads of part timers on the books, less investment and training, we'll be like Italy or somewhere shite like that.  

National service or the draft doesn't work, look at the Vietnam and Korean conflicts for that. Draft soldiers aren't real soldiers, it's more akin to a slave army that is made to fight. 

Prince William has never dressed as a Nazi for a party or thought that stripping off in a room full of people a good idea, maybe Prince Harry is just a dick. I'm sure no one will take him seriously but all those flag protestors who dress up in pseudo military costumes no doubt shit themselves at the thought of national service making a return and the likes of Jamie Bryson are busy concocting excuses to not serve their cuntry in a real way. 

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