Monday, 25 May 2015

Peter Robinson Dead

Tired after surfing porn all night Sunday that he had a heart attack on Monday. Yes yes yes all the jokes about 'oh he has a heart?' yeah yeah this is as serious as a heart attack so quit being glib.

Mr Robinson the leader of the DUP has a family you know, they are no doubt worried about him .... being the main bread winner an all.

He was rushed to the Ulster hospital at Dundonald where after a 12 hour 2 minute wait doctors told him he'd had a heart attack and they'll put through an urgent referral for him to see someone that knows about hearts, a cardiologist or an agony aunt or something so keep an eye out in the mail for an appointment letter in the next 2 or so months.... if you are still alive.

And that is why the NHS is so dear to us.  

Edwin Poots and Sammy Wilson happened to be there on the scrounge for any spare pills.  

Other experts (the Internet) have speculated that the Irish referendum for ghey marriage that was passed was too much for him ... what if Northern Ireland were to be as democratic too? How could his party block same sex marriage then? Before you know it weemen will have the right to choose and they'll be having abortions and gheys will be getting married and no children will be born ever again and who would the clergy, politicians and the TV presenters molest?

Some (me) have also claimed that he was fuming about the post that Old Knudsen did that featured him   or that his God decided that it wasn't homosexuality that was an abomination as stated by his wife and backed up by him but rather it was his version of Christianity that focused on hate and his straight marriage in which he sends his wife for psychiatric help after she gives into some toy boy cock is actually an abomination.

God can only take so much bullshit in his name before he starts smiting you know, this was a warning shot. The rainbows over Ireland after the ghey marriage vote should have clued you in.


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